What are you doing right now? Part II

Trying to figure out why Beowulf is an idiot magnet. :lol:
I am sitting here trying to stave off cravings with water- wondering if this diet was a good idea!!
Watching "Cops". I took an early evening nap so now I'm wide awake!
Sitting at work, waiting for all my patients to cancel their appointments because of this crap weather.
Packing things to get ready for vacation in Texas...
I'm sketching some hearts and figures for Valentine's Day/Birthday.
I'm currently trying to find people to practice asl with! I desperately need to learn, and would love to make friends in the deaf community so I can actually understand and help those in my community. I am in a small town and there is no deaf services, but I'd like to help change that.
trying to stay awake. went to a job interview, and a job fair this morning
Planning to goldbrick this weekend. Got a lot done while in the work zone and now gotta rest.
Taking a break from spot shovelling snow since 6:30am. Been out 4x already. Got around 6" and counting. Won't end til around 6pm. Sighs.