What are you doing right now? Part II

Watching the dirty birds playoff game.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons for those who don’t know football.
Interesting, the home birds teams is 9-0 in the playoff games against the visiting birds teams.
Booked another person into my roomette for my overnight train trip in March.
Gargling apple cider vinegar Bragg kind to help my allergies. Feels like a cold.
Feeling pumped up for Sunday! I am watching the Patriots live news on social media, wish I can go to Minnesota LOL
Trying to get over a stoopid cold.
Maybe your stoopid cold would go away faster if you spelled it right. ;) Just giving you shit. :)

I am currently eating pea soup after waking up from a nap.
Uh oh. What did you do now?

Nothing wrong, as far as I'm concerned. The suggestion is for me to "tone it down". Apparently I ticked someone off yesterday. He started it. He dismissed my signing with a wave of his hand. I signed the association between his name and a woman. He is ticked.
*taking deep breath*

Okay, I am fine now.