welcome me back!

Welcome back to AD2!!
thanks!! i'm back once again :-D went walking around south congress, out to eat, rent some movies *a walk to remember (ugh, this girl wanted to rent so we rented), crazy/beautiful (havent seen in ages) and new port south (it looked interesting so i rented.)* we have this rule @ school where we're not allowed to watch aANY rated R movies so.. the choices were limited.
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hey illustrator! :-D my love life's.. pretty fucked up. broke with that old girlfriend, and now i had a thing briefly w/ another girl, but things are wayy fucked up, because she's.. a schizo i suspect.

Did you asked her if she is a granddaughter of the famous John Nash from 'A Beautiful Mind'? :o
Welcummie Back girlfriend! ;) ha! missed ya, what have u been up to lately? are u still gonna to graduate TSD for good, for next yr?
thanks all, and yes to kiki, i'm graduating from TSD for good next year :-D next year i'll be going to ACC for english since they don't have classes that fit my level (u know how TSD is blah) and stevey, she's not. :-D
thanks, levi, and willy-tazzy as in roy? or tazzy as in uh.. whts her name, she graduated 2 years ago?