welcome me back!

Hi welcome back, it is me (deaf Punjabi),

Where u been ??
HEY waz :-D i've been... around. i don't know.. after the change to v2, i havent gotten around to re-registering, then when i re-registered, i never posted. *shakes head* hows life on AD been lately?
Ahh i see, New Version of AD been very good, as i kinder love it. hope u will love the new version of AD but i am sure u will! :D
hey illustrator! :-D my love life's.. pretty fucked up. broke with that old girlfriend, and now i had a thing briefly w/ another girl, but things are wayy fucked up, because she's.. a schizo i suspect.
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yep, i'm not, illustrator. :-D just having fun, checking them off my list. :-D

ookie.... :wave: *walk and jump into my bed*