The gift of you cherish it?

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Glad to see you agree to disagree and that's how it should be. Though to be incessantly followed after by a stalker day in and day out like Jillio is gets scary. And to see mulitple posts after my posts just for the sake of posting?? It just gets really ridiculous, comical even. Of all places, I never thought I see the day that I get followed by a hearing stalker in a deaf forum who is getting an advanced degree in the field of psychology? Talk about irony on ten different levels. I know that celebrities pretty much have their own "personal" stalker(s), so to speak, but this is getting ridiculous here.

Stalking you! That's funny!!:laugh2: You make it impossible to avoid you, although many try.

But at least you are consistent. It is always someone else, never you.:roll:
I think it is wonderful you are cherishing your hearing and what is left of it.

I think it is also wonderful to have humility and what is left of it as well.

I think it is wonderful to have vision and what is left of it as well.

The point of this is to have humility and use it on a daily basis. Not so many people are as lucky as you are, Kokonut.

Be humble, my dear friend. Use humility, it does us well.

I cherish the fact I am still here on this earth, DeafBlind, because I know I can still make an impact in many people's lives and still be humble about this.

Well said, Mrs. Bucket. Humility is a valuable quality, and will go much further in illustrating your point and making your message meaningful to others than does arrogance.
OMG! I'm scared! I may be next! :run: Naw, just kidding. :zzz:
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