Sonic Boom doesn't wake me up! Defective or...?

I never like Sonic Boom cuz It fails to wake me up in time and eventually it got killed by power surge. I had old Radio Shack Digital timer which is a table top clock with plug on rear. It works faithfully and never fails on me. Now my old Timer clock broke so I bought a cheap simple security or Christmas light timer whatever you call it and it's digital clock with 7 days on/off setting. It works faithfully like my RS timer clock but does not have snooze button on it. It seem like cheap brand works more effectively than Sonic Boom.

Things I dislike Sonic Boom,
flaky or fragile switch and buttons
switch get worn out and can't feel "click" for light/vib/both position. Sometime accidentally set to middle between light/vib causing alarm to miss.
LED display too bright even if switched to Dim position
Get killed by power surge (had SB twice)

I'm not getting another SB, I wanted old reliable Digital one that don't fails on me. Radio Shack used to sell 7 days Desktop Timer Clock for $79 back in 80's. I had money at the time RS stopped selling it Grrrr!!!

I bought 90's Desktop RS timer/clock that you plug lamp or vib power to clock's power adapter with socket on top. It was good but later the clock died after 5 years. RS don't sell those anymore.

I wish company do better design one that is reliable and last long.

If I had million $$, I would design one that is more reliable and long lasting and sell it to Deaf Community with reasonable price.

mikatehgr8t, Try a vibrate watches... hehe


[ame=] Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock "Shake-N-Wake": Home & Kitchen[/ame]
I've used a strobe light instead of regular lamp with my alarm clock before. Works pretty good at waking up especially when you're living in the dorms that frequently has fire alarm.. :P Belonged to my roommate anyways.. we decided strobe light got us out of bed faster than comfortably snoozing vibrate & lamp too much! LoL

Although if you're shopping for alarm clock, check online -- search for Sonic Alert or Clarity. Prices are usually affordable than other stores with Deaf products.
Too bad it'd be great if they had it available at their stores so its a easy pick it up and leave thee store than waiting for the shipping either to store or your preferred address.
Hi. I've been using Sonic Booms since Summer 2009.

I've had 4 different sonic boom clocks. All 4 have failed me. There are times my (NEW) alarm will go off if I set it for 30 minutes later. But for 5 hours later, or even one hour later it WON'T! The clock is in vibrate mode and it's on. It's set for AM and everything is plugged in. It's made me late for high school many times and is making me late for college now. I used to theorize that when the clock wakes me, I automatically turn the clock off and go back to sleep and I have no memory of it because I'm so tired.

So, I started putting something over the "off" button so that I'd automatically click snooze and I'd wake up. Didn't work. I then theorized, I must not be snoozing. So I put the clock away from the bed so I'd have to get up. I'd defintely remember having to get out of bed. And by them time I'm out of bed, I"m already awake so I don't need to snooze. Didn't work either. These Sonic Booms are failing me .I buy from an authorized dealer.

I'm getting really worried because I alternate between 8AM classes and 11AM classes. So I can sleep in one the says I have 11AM because I have classes at night on the 8AMs, so some extra sleep is nice. This means, I have to alternate from setting it to 6AM and 9AM. I worry about having to change it so much because I know the clock won't even wake me up for an hour later. I even put the clock in test mode and everything. It's to the point where I'm getting SO pissed off! If I don't wake up, I lose points in my grade.

Does anyone else have a similar issue? I go to NTID so I ask around and no one else has this problem and they have the same or similar clocks. Is there an alternative to Sonic Boom?
OMG now I know it's not just me!! I thought I was just sleeping REALLY heavy. It's like the damn alarm only goes off here and there. It's affecting my life,school and job. I was about to have my doctor give me a referral for a sleep study now I know it's this pos alarm. Time to junk it and get a new alarm ASAP. Thank you for this post you may have just saved my life and well bring. I'm truly grateful