Sale: Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor


Jul 4, 2008
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It is brown in color, will include a magnetic link and a single rechargeable battery. Other accessories and maintenance items available if desired.

6 months old, in perfect condition, accepting reasonable offers, prefer to sell to Deaf only(will discount for Deaf child), if you are in North Texas and we can meet in person, this is best.

Still available, would make an awesome Christmas present for someone with an older CI
Be warned, Do not buy used Sound Processor. All Sound processors are coded (locked to patient's account permanently) and Audiologist will not remap Sound processor if you bought it from someone else. You can argue with Audiologist till you're blue, they have right to refuse to remap. They are doing duty to prevent CI thief. This is why it's harder for thief to steal and sell Sound Processor.. Audiologist can keep Sound Processor if they found it its stolen ((If you bought it from someone else and Audiologist find it stolen via computer, good bye to your $$$ you spent on, Audiologist keeps it and you have to report to police to file case against someone for thief)). All Sound Processors are linked to patient's database so Whenever Audiologist plugs in Sound Processor to computer and they can check who's belong to. If it's not yours even you bought it from someone else, They reserve right to refuse to remap. Best bet is to get replacement or repaired if yours got damaged by contacting Cochlear Americas or call your Insurance to cover the cost. If you can't afford to get it replaced. Well then good luck.. Also be aware that Audiologist/Cochlear Americas tend to upgrade equipments every 3 years and any Sound Processor older than 3 years are immediately obsolete and worthless. Only thing you can sell are External parts like coil, wire, external microphone, Loop, covers ect. ( don't sell rechargeable battery due to short lifespan except if it's a 675 type battery holder then that's fine).

I have CI (I have N24 body and BTE and also N5 BTE with remote, all have bad microphone and one coil wire broken but have spare one) and no longer wearing it because my Insurance stopped covering cost for remapping. I changed different insurance and still they won't cover cost as well. I will NOT sell sound Processor itself. It's worthless pieces of junk now.