Recent Facebook spamming


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Jan 31, 2011
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I have gotten around 10 facebook messages that are obviously spam (telling me I won x amount of money) How do I get this to stop? Is it because I am a member of a given facebook group for deaf/hofh people?
no, just accept the reward and let thing went bad for you.


yeah, it's terrible when it's being crap for the sucker who buy that message. I would think it's sad. lmao but not funny anyway
I mean if you're dumb enough to go through with "accepting it", then what goes around comes around I suppose. KARMA
you complaint to Team Faceboook RID OUT OF FACEBOOK! I wish be prove licence driver reason identify authority! I wish be remove facebook company is stupid!
Use the "Report Spam", I got the message from someone who worked at DHS or something about winning money, I reported them as the spam.
This fucking Russian 419 scammer keeps trying to chat me up every few days. Looks like she’s trying to scam deaf guys. If you look at her friends list, most of them went to deaf schools. Some of these guys are dumber than a bag of hammers, cuz they’re playing right into it.
*1 message*
you won xxxxxxxxxxx dollars

I usually read them, imagine what I'd do with the money and then report them. I feel like Facebook Police :D it's kinda nice
lol I keep reporting them to spam and block them and it works and i haven't got any messages from them again.. did you guys know facebook have block list? :) just letting u guys know :D
that is awful facebook screw up because embrassment not good! should be authority!
Well you know the saying, "A sucker is born every minute!"

Sad that there's plenty of gullible people on this planet. :(

time for some reverse scam.
Aint karma a bitch?