Phonak vs. Oticon

got the nice new RED Naida IX. so far not bad. Just very basic right now. Have another appointment for Sept. 16. Audie doesn't think Medicaid will cover icom but she'll call Phonak and find out. Will have to try the hearing aid in different situations and figure out what adjustments need to be made. Also new earmold impression made for the left ear, 3/4 shell (half shell wasn't good enough, Supero hearing aid feedbacks like CRAZY). Audie also going to get a NoahPro set up on her computer so she can adjust the Supero and reduce feedback on it.

Been hearing random things when I got back to my apartment. My dog had 2 tags on his collar (1 for rabies vaccination, the other is ID tag), but I had to take the ID tag off so the tags wouldn't "clink". I heard the clinking with the Supero, but it wasn't too bad. But now, whoa buddy he's so NOISY! I'm about ready to take all the squeakers out of his toys too! And I've kept hearing this buzzing going on, I think it was coming from outside. Not sure what it was... maybe traffic? or lawn mowing (although the lawn mowing was done yesterday) or plane? I have no idea.
do other phonak users like the connection to one hearing aid other than both like Octicon?