Phonak vs. Oticon

Day 1 of trialing the Sumo. Not much difference from my Phonak Supero. Although I do like the MT on the Sumo... I wonder if I could get MT on the Supero... hum!
i am recently wearing siemes, this is my first pair ever i have about 2 years with this. i am happy with this, i am afraid using another brand because i know that i am very well adjust to this. i wonder how the digitals at costco work. one of the issues that i've been having with my siemes is that they stop working with the humid. i started this problem while ago, i dont know how to prevent this. any advice?? i use bilateral HAs.

what are the best brand batteries? i have been using costco but some batteries come out dead! but other are good us to 15 days! so that is great for me.
one of the issues that i've been having with my siemes is that they stop working with the humid.

You can ask for a Dry & Store container, there's also the air blower you can buy for your hearing aids.
i use powerone batteries for my ha since its supoerpower and runs out faster ...haven't had a prob with powerone batts ever...well..yet and ive been using them for 2 years
I have Oticons (Spirit zest), although I've only had Unison and Starkey before so I can't compare to Phonak. I like them- but then again every aid I've had improved on the last by miles, so I don't know if they could be better. I use ...I can't remember the name of my batteries, just what I get from the NHS, but I get about 10-14 days from them. Liquidgoggles that's so touching, that Phonak donated yours to you! Shows there are big companies out there that still have a conscience.
still not noticing much difference! Of course, I haven't been out in a noisy setting yet (like a store or restaurant) so I still have no clue how I'd do with a Sumo in such a situation yet. I have about a week with the Sumo, then next week I'll try the Naida IX. I'm hoping for better results with the Naida this time (since last time it was blech!!!!).

and I'm with Banjo on the Dry and Store suggestion. I've got one, and it works great. Wish I had thought to pack it with my stuff when I went to S. Dakota for a few days... boy was it humid out there! Also, if the air blower doesn't work or you don't have it, you can try non-waxed dental floss, just string it through the tubing and it'll suck up the moisture.
Phonak also gave me a free upgrade for one ear last year for versatas that i got before my naidas.
I had phonaks most of my life, from child to 22 I had phonak superfonts, (between 16 and 30 didn't wear HA in my left ear) at 22 I got Widex senso for my right ear - I think this is the best HA I ever had, it had to be bought privately by a private sponsor. At 30 my widex started to wear out and died, tried Oction, sienmens, Phonak digitals none were helping me at all, got Cochlear implant for my right ear but because I wanted some sound while I recover and wait for switch on I got unitron analouge HA for my left ear (first time in 14 years) it was great until recently it no longer benefits me (my hearing were unchanged) they gave me extra powerful unitron Analouge HA... still made no difference, I now have Phonak Superos, I had it for 2 weeks and still is not sure of it! every one sounds like they are on helium! But there is a major break through as I finally can tell if my HA battery had died!
Either it is phonak or oticon until and unless it is working fine there is no need of switching to another one.

The basic thing which these devices do for you is to make hearing easy and comfortable. So, if it is working fine I don't think one may go for another one.

The basic thing which these devices do for you is to make hearing easy and comfortable. So, if it is working fine I don't think one may go for another one.

I disagree. If you can trial different HAs, then do it. I was happy/comfortable with my Oticon Sumos which I've had for the past two years (they were an improvement, obviously, over my 5 & 10 year old aids especially since my hearing had worsened). They were what were recommended and at a price I felt I could afford (with a low-interest loan I was able to obtain). But after "researching" online and having the money now, I am trialing the Phonak Naida V UPs and they are an improvement. Subtle but noticeable. I may be lucky that I didn't get these 2 years ago since they apparently were having trouble with them then. Hopefully everything has been "fixed".
Though I'm comfortable/happy with the Vs, I am still considering trial the IXs to see if the difference is noticeable and worth the extra $$. If the Oticon Agils had more "head room" for me, I might have trialed them...but then, they're new on the market, so they may have "growing pains" like the Naidas did.
I hear Oticon is coming out with a new superpowered aid later this year.
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I have Oticon SumoXP and I am NOT happy with it at all. My old Danavox is still better and more efficient and it doesn't mysteriously silence some sounds like SumoXP does.
hey, I grew up with Oticon and Phonak now (I use a Phonak FM system in school)

both of these brands are great and they never break down except for my Campus S I had before switching to Inspiro and my current ones did that (my sister was 11 when she took my hearing aid apart and she was 10 when she bumped into me then, it made a buzzing sound that sounded like it need repairs

I better keep my new Safaris out of my sister's hands since they're tamper resistant proof :D
I did ask at hearing aid ctr abt phonak she said that both are about the same. Ever since I get tired of oticons that I have to use the same brand. I don't have any plm with that. I can hear paper drop or pencil. u shuldnt be worried abt that kind of ha's u will get one.
I don't like the new hearing aids - digital kind. I prefer analog kind. I requested for analog and the hearing aid dealer said that analog kinds are no longer being made. I wonder if that's true. Anyway, I ended up with digital kind. First few weeks I kept going back to have my aids adjusted... Finally, I liked the way I was hearing. it turned out that the settings were similar to analog settings. no weird feedback/ no weird sounds like warbling noises... But anyway I am still not satisfied with them after 1 year. Too many settings. I keep setting to number 3 setting for music cuz it sounds like my old analog aids. Was wondering if anyone has the same problem. Oh, the aids are phonak. My old analog aids were oticon.
I'll be getting the Naida IX next Tuesday morning. Right now my problem is with listening to music. I've had TecEar's NoizFree Music Link since late June and already the wiring connection is loose, argh! And I've gone through 2 Hattis Epics, and the end result is the wiring connection becoming loose, every time. I should discuss with my audie on what I could do to listen to music without having to buy a new Hatis Epic or TecEar music link every so often (that gets pricy). DAI maybe, or something else that might be out there. hmmmm
cdmeggers, will you be getting the iCom when you get the Naida IXs? You can plug it into your music source (or use bluetooth) and it will send the audio to both HAs. Also, the IXs have a music program (which I think I need to get tweaked tomorrow at my 3-week follow-up appt).
I know the Naidas have a music program, I did try it out a couple of times when I tried the V a couple years ago. Not too sure if I liked it or not. I just want something that I can use with my ipod so I can listen to music at work. hm.
I tried the Oticon SUMO when i was getting new HAs. Like previously mentioned, they are a bit bigger. I liked the smaller Naida 5s because my ears and head are quite small AND i wear glasses. The main decision for me what that I could get the Naidas with integrated FM, whereas the Sumos would have had to have an FM boot. I also liked the colors that the Naidas came in. As for sound quality.. i think i would have gotten used to either one, but they are definitely different. Phonaks are more 'smart' with newer technology that is supposed to be self adjusting. Some people don't like it. I like it.
*shrugs* hope this helps,
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ok I have been reading all the posts in this thread, which bring me up to a question. How did you all manage to TEST the different type of HA's. I have been to a couple of audiologists now, and not once was I offered to test out any HA's so how is it possible?
you can ask your audie if you can trial different hearing aids before buying.