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May 17, 2005
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I've worn Phonak HAs since I became deaf at age 2, and have always been happy enough with their products (until I tried out the Naida for 3 months a couple years back, which I didn't much care for). Now I'm just wondering how the Oticon products compare to Phonak. I currently am wearing Phonak's Supero 413AZ, and have been looking at the specs of Oticon's Sumo. Just wondering if there's much of a difference between Supero and Sumo. Hm. I might even try talking to the local audie about the difference (it seems Medicaid does cover new hearing aids, earmolds AND hearing aid repairs). I've had the Supero since May 2004 (so 6 years). It still works fine, but nowadays it seems I have to take the hearing aid back to audie for more repairs than ever (telecoil setting went busted a couple weeks back and just now has been sent back to audiologist's office after being sent to Phonak for repair); battery cover broke and had to be replaced for the first time ever last month, etc. etc.). I'm just curious about the Sumo.

How does Oticon's FM products compare to Phonak's FM? I've quit using the old Phonak T-Mic FM transmitter since it broke/quit working frequently and have resorted to using the Hatis Epic silhouette earhook for listen to music. How about DAI? I tried DAI with the Phonak "shoe" on the hearing aid and directly connecting to iPod, etc. and I didn't like the way it sounded (but perhaps I needed to have the audie do some adjustments? I have no idea). Not sure if I will actually get a new hearing aid anytime soon or not. Just something I like to think about every once in a while. Maybe I just need to trial a Sumo and see if there's any difference, will have to see if something can be worked out.

When do you guys buy new hearing aids to replace old ones? 6 years? 10? what? Just curious. The Supero I've had for 6 years now, the Claro (before I got Supero) 4 years; purple analog Pico 8 years, beige analog (before I got the purple ones) 7 years.

Still trying to get left ear implanted, Medicaid just being difficult to deal with (they INSIST on 40% or worse scoring on hearing test for both ears, and my right ear scored around 52% the last time I was tested... they don't care my left ear is at 0% and that it's the left one I want to implant.... rrrrr!). Medicare states 40% or worse on hearing test for the ear to be implanted but Medicaid's got their own guidelines that differs from Medicare (but if I continue to receive SSDI for another year and half, then I should qualify for Medicare coverage).
The models technology changes every 5 years or so. Every time it time for a replacement, I have to go through the models,brand shopping. PITA!

I had oticon for years, never had problem, until its more expensive to repair then replace. I switched to phonaks, they were nice, but not the same. I currently have digital model Siemens, only because price wise for my severe hearing loss, it was a better buy. I am not totally happy with it. I tried octigon, phonak current model (6 years ago) it wasn't to my liking.

All I can say is you need to go by the audio test and get recommended models for your loss level and then test them out. I am very sure that Medicaid will also restrict certain models for you. Its just a matter of process of elimination.
Ok. Phonak sent back my hearing aid, it looks completely brand new but it's still my old one with new parts (and a new cover it seems). Requested to trial Oticon Sumo
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Thanks for the discussion. This will certainly help the people who are looking for some new and effective hearing aids.

One must always have an idea about the new products and how it will be helping it more. These forums are really great place to discover new technology and products. One must also be in touch with their audiologists for the new and advanced gearing aids.
Phonak Naida V UP and Oticon Sumo DM

I have had Oticon Sumo on one ear and recently switched to Phonak on two ears, so far I am unimpressed. The most difference I am notifing is on outside- the Phonaks are smaller. Other than that if i don't know which one I am wearing I would have a hard time to tell difference. I am at severe loss so maybe someone with less of a loss could tell bigger diference.

If someone is interested my Sumo is available for sale, make a offer by PM (private message).
Majority of people prefer Phonak over Oticon Sumo especially in noisy situations. What I believe is that whatever the aid one uses it must be replaced within five years with the suggestion of the audiologists or doctors.

Also one must go for a hearing test by wearing the aid to check the perfectness of the hearing aids before buying it.

Sumo doesn't do well in noise? I have enough trouble in noise with the Supero (even with background noise reduction). I didn't even notice any background reduction when I trialed the Naida 2 years ago.

Was also curious about Sumo's feedback control. My Supero frequently feedbacks, even though my earmold fits right. If the hearing aid is hanging in front of my ear, then I don't have as much feedback issue (only feedbacks more when hearing aid is behind my ear). And I have a friend who wears Superos and she's complained of feedback too.
In my past, I had Siemens and Oticon and they hardly ever broke. Worked for at least 10 years very well.
But both of them were analog. Then I had Beltone.
What a piece of crap!!!!!
Never had a Phonak. Nor digital.

Now I was told by HA dealer that they prefer QUALITY of Siemens over Phonak, but also that nowadays the technology changes so fast it's all pretty comparable. So, my guess is, you will do well with either one.

audie ordering a Naida IX UP and a Sumo DM, will start trialing next week.
audie ordering a Naida IX UP and a Sumo DM, will start trialing next week.
I think you'll find you'll choose the Naida IX's over the Sumos. But that's my personal experience. And, of course, it depends on what you can afford.

I wore the Sumos for 2 years and decided, because I now have a bit of $$ to spend on better HAs, to try the Naidas. My audi told me to start with the V UPs and if I felt I need the extras the IXs offer, then I can trial them (wish I could trial both at the same time...for "on the spot comparisons").

The Sumos are good, but "old" technology (which I didn't know until recently). I have notice subtle improvements with the Naidas (hearing some sounds that are apparently the result of the sound recover feature). Other features also are an improvement over the Sumos.

I liked the Sumos, and they did their job and were what I could afford at the time, but I am going to keep the Naidas (though I haven't decided yet if I want to trial the IXs). I'm leaning towards trialing the IXs just so I know if the Vs are "enough" for me or not. I will save a few bucks (big bucks) if I stay with the Vs.
I personally have not used either, but I read and see so many people raving about the Phonak Naidas that it makes me want to try them next.
I personally have not used either, but I read and see so many people raving about the Phonak Naidas that it makes me want to try them next.

Hmm, funnily enough, I hear the opposite.
yeah I grew up with Phonak too. Audie says he has a few clients that are really pleased with the Naidas, and a client who has the Sumos but frequently has issues with them (but apparently she's pretty hard on her hearing aids).

When I trialed the Naida V UP 2 years ago, waaaaaaaaay too many issues, but Phonak and audie both say those issues have been resolved so.. I'm hoping that is true.
My audi also mentioned the that the Naidas had their issues when they first came out, but those have been "fixed" and it's a good product now.
I've only trialed the V UPs for a a week and a half now and so far, so good.
Hi everyone :)
I have worn both Phonak and Oticon. When I first got hearing aids at 13, they were Phonak. I dont know if its because they were the first set of hearing aids I had, but Phonak has always been my favorite. I wore Oticon personic plus, hearing aids and I did not like them at all. They were not warm sounding at all and no powerful enough. I wore Phonak superfront for a while and loved them, they had a warm sound and nothing sounded too "harsh", that is because the higher frequencies that I am severe-profound in, were never amplified near enough or at all, so I just got used to the warmth of them and lived without hearing any high frequencies at all. I actually put them back in the other day just to hear what they sounded like after wearing the Naidas, and omg, I could barely hear with them even when they were set to Max output for everything, they sounded too soft, too quiet and I could no longer hear high frequencies at all. The SuperFronts were excellent for music though and I love the FM switch that canceled out background noise so I could really enjoy what I was listening to in the studio. Then I was given Phonak Naida V UPs, and I LOVE them. I can for the first time in my entire life, hear the sound of coins, the letters "sh" and "s" but still cant hear/understand "f", "th", "p" or "z" or "k" but still, the fact that i can hear the other little stuff is so strange and excellent! I also went swimming (above the water!) just to see what water sounded like as you swim in it, and OMG, it is the weirdest thing to hear water behind you and around you at all times. I actually got overwhelmed, I do not understand how a hearing person can enjoy the water when it sounds so, noisy any time you move around in it. I also do not like the way traffic sounds either, I usually just turn the naidas to program 4 on "t' so the mics are disabled, more peaceful that way. LOL I can also hear the dishwasher, which is strange too and it took me a while to understand that its not broken, its just noisy. I can hear metallic things, the dog's tags, but only in a dead quiet room. When they first turned on the Phonak Niadas, it freaked me out. I could not believe that people with normal hearing have to tolerate so much sound. I also heard someone walking on the tile floor when the door was closed and the a/c fan and the printer. The door closing sound is really weird too. The only thing I do not like about the Naidas, is the fact that they can shut off with slight static, I do not have this issue anymore, but in the first few weeks of wearing them, they would just shut off by themselves even with new batteries in. Not now though, yay!! Also I do not like program 1 since it tries to filter the volume depending on the environment you are in, it drives me crazy and sounds like a plane is hoovering over your head, like static coming and going. So I just stick to prog.2 and 3 for music and comfort in noise. Other than that, I love my Phonak naidas and would wear them forever if I could. I love the fact that they are finally strong enough for me to actually hear with them at least in my good ear! My left ear is so bad though, and has no pressure in it, so my eardrum never moves. I dont hear much out of it and I still can not hear my own voice in my left ear at all, but I can feel sound more than I can hear it. The Phonak Icom when linked to the phone or the tv, sounds like a movie theater. The sound is very thick, warm and clean sounding. I still use closed captions, but the sound going through the Icom is the neatest thing.
I also one time used MicroTech hearing aids, those were the biggest piece of *&@#% that I have ever used, never, never again, they were horrible in just about every way. (sorry MicroTech) LOL

In my opinion, PHONAK RULES....forever! I will never use another brand.

Devoted Phonak user for life. :)

:) TSF ( Danielle)
Replace HAs every 5 years? What planet are you living on? That's amortized to $1k per year. I wish that I could afford that.
I have Phonak Naida V SPs and I am pleased with them. Though, they are the first hearing aids I have ever worn so I have nothing to compare them to, aside from when I was able to hear naturally.

I am also very pleased with their service. When I was going through the whole process of picking out the hearing aids that were right for me, I was told that these would be the best for the type and amount of hearing loss I have. Then they told me that these would be around $3,000. Which i could not afford. My audiologist made a call to Phonak and they actually donated them to me. I didn't have to pay 1cent for them:aw: