New here--with LVAS / EVAS


Feb 2, 2014
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Just thought I would introduce myself. I am 34 and have been deaf in my right ear as long as I remember. I had mild loss in my good ear but recently sustained some more damage due to an EVAS incident. I do pretty well with BiCROS aids but figure that eventually I will lose the rest of my hearing. I didn't even know I had EVAS until this latest incident. Anybody else out there have this?

It is Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts Syndrome (also called Large Vestibular Aqueduct syndrome). It is basically an enlarged bony part of the ear that is associated with hearing loss and is thought to be genetic. It is usually found in small kids when they seem to have hearing loss. I grew up thinking I was born with my hearing loss but now that I know I have this, I am more confident that I likely lost my hearing after a head injury as a child.

It also means that any head injury or head pressure could cause me to lose the rest of my hearing. So people, drive safe when you're on the road please. :)
:welcome: to AllDeaf Forum. I hope you enjoy reading and posting here. See you around here. :wave: