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Apr 14, 2016
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Hey guys, so we've been asked to work on a design project and I need some help with that.

I suppose it is a little insensitive to be asking for information in my very first thread, I'm sorry about that, but the project deadline is approaching fast and I really really need help.

I am working on what problems you might have to face while travelling or commuting solo. Especially in buses and while walking on busy streets. Or even while driving.

Now, I hope this is not offensive, but do you guys think that there should be some sort of symbol for people with hearing impairment, in order to avoid misunderstandings and hurt? Kind of like the white cane, which has become a symbol for the visually impaired. I think it will better communication.

Please consider that all my questions are based on the social culture in my country, and that I do not mean any disrespect to anyone.

I'm looking forward to your views. Feel free to tell me off if I've said anything wrong!

Thank you!
we already have it and it's entirely optional. we can decide whether or not to display such thing.
I wear my hearing aids with no batteries, they die to quickly and I don't want to pay $14 to hear cars, but that is my way of telling people. But it is an invisible disability and some people like it that way
I see. Alright. May I know what this symbol is?

Also, can you tell me the drawbacks of wearing hearing aids?
... there are no drawbacks....maybe you should do some research somewhere else before coming here.
Do you think my avatar is too obvious of a symbol?
I did research, but I figured that comfort would be subjective. I just want to know if maybe there could be a more comfortable or efficient design.

And, yes, v obvious. But that's not what I meant. I want to better communication. The symbol would only be an option. If chosen to be used it would probably help avoid awkward interactions, no?
Sorry, but I do not think we want to be "labelled" in any way or form. We have been thru enough.
Ah no! Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about labelling anyone!
But I see what you mean.

Just another thought, though. What about while walking on busy streets? (My country has serious issues with pavements. By which I mean there aren't many which are decent, so you literally have to walk on the roads!) Won't this symbol help there?
I mean, is this reason alone enough, or do you think that the insensitivity of having the symbol will be more harmful?
High visibility/reflective clothing is already avaliable to anyone who desires it. But, me? I would rather use my eyes, instead of looking like some kind of crazy. Didja know dhh folks are highly aware of their surroundings?
Not all dhh are highly aware of their surroundings. Many are but for varied reasons others aren't.

With deaf people I don't think there can be any one 'symbol' or 'identifier'. Hearing aids is one (though most times for me people don't notice or care), signing is another if you happen to catch a conversation going.

While white canes or guide dogs is a 'symbol' of blind/visually disabled it's not one that covers all- many low vision folks don't use either and look like every day humans.

The white cane, guide dog, hearing aids are all there for the person's needs and assistance not for others to identify as they approach imo. To go a step further it's kind of like with hajibs for Muslim, yarmulkes for Jewish, Military uniforms for armed forces.... all of them are who the person is, not a symbol to identify to others. Not sure if that makes sense or not but that's my view at least.
Hmn yeah, reflective clothing works.

But actually I was suggesting this because people here drive crazy! hella traffic and quite unruly and pedestrians and cyclists get the worst of it, hearing or not!
Also, you wouldn't look crazy, I'll have to try to design the symbol so that it looks very decent and substantial. Nothing overpowering or weird.

Anyway, I guess I'll drop this particular idea for now.

If there's anything else you think could be changed in buses or trains, for convenience and efficiency, please let me know.

And thanks for all the replies! :)
ah now don't get me started on trains and buses...! Some newer ones are better-- having a visual display at each end of the bus (or train car) to indicate the next stop or any messages like delays. Let's see...what else.. train platforms should have lights embedded and flash when the next train is coming (Union Station in Washington DC is an excellent example of accommodations they did for disabilities). Visual indicators on the front of the bus for the name of the route and bus number, and on the side of the bus- this I'm seeing more common now in the US at least.

At least for the train I can access the website and view the train itinerary and know when my stop is coming since there's no visual alert on the train hmph.
Very interaction a deaf/hoh person has is awkward, people get scared when they see use. Other stare at us when we sign. Most of us are use to the awkward stares.
Oh hi DeafDucky!

Yeah, that makes complete sense. So basically, doing this won't really help as much as it will 'harm', for the lack of a better word.

I'm trying to approach this situation from the other side, where society is lacking in communicating appropriately with the dhh. We're supposed to find problem areas and then come up with solutions, for our project.

So I want to know what problems the dhh face while commuting. ANd in every possible aspect, social, cultural, psychological, physical, anything at all!
Have you thought about dhh people wearing a symbol that people know is bad. I mean a lot of people think dhh are easy targets in the first place. One can break into a deaf persons house with little to no problem. So putting a symbol on them is like putting a target on their backs.
Well, I see what you are saying now. Maybe some kind of visual LCD display that lets dhh folks know whats being announced on the PA (speakers).
Have you thought about dhh people wearing a symbol that people know is bad. I mean a lot of people think dhh are easy targets in the first place. One can break into a deaf persons house with little to no problem. So putting a symbol on them is like putting a target on their backs.
I 100 percent agree and was thinking the samething. It will attract uncouth people/criminals to us.
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Okay. @DeafDucky, that's very helpful! Thank you so much!

@DeafNerdMommy, Okay that's something I did not consider! Thanks! (embarassed emoji) (I'm technologically challenged, I've no clue where to find the correct emojis)

@Cappy, yes yes! That's what I was looking for! And maybe maps of bus routes inside and outside buses or something!