Need bit of help here.


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Dec 10, 2004
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I am having some kind of family crisis here at home right now.

I have to find a roommate to help to pay for the mortgage. I have made flyers/advertisement for a female roommate (straight or gay).

I was thinking it would be nice to have another deaf roommate, any idea where should I post or find a deaf roommate? Any links or advices would be great.

I live in Northern VA area near Washington D.C. (too far from Gally though). sucks sometimes. Sigh. :mad:
Have you tried posting the advertisement at your local deaf club? (If you have one.)
*hugs* I hope things works out for the best for you in the future.

Have you considered posting with Gallaudet campus and off campus though? There may be some students that do know friends living in VA and drives back and forth to work in DC. I know of several friends living in VA but commuting to DC for work & let me get in touch with them if I can ASAP and I'll PM you ok, *hugs* Keep your chin up!! :)
I'd post it up on the typical "roommate needed" sites like craigslist, but put something about wanting a deaf roommate in the ad title. There has to be a lot of exposure to ads like that to both the hearing and the deaf community. At the very least, it can't hurt to have the ad out there. Good luck though.
It seems like this could be a great opportunity for a hearing sign student or terp student. It is too bad that some of our fellow ADers don't live in that location. I have read many postings from students wanting to learn fluency in ASL. Rooming with a Deaf ASL user would be perfect.
I looked up at Craigslist and posted it... sigh. Am gonna keep going. Thanks guys.