Liza's post from another thread had got me thinking

Do u think the phonics program is good q

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I never used phonics to improve my english and literacy level. I was encouraged to read and had a passion for english.
I reckon it really does depend and varies from person to person, actually. It won't work for everyone.
~Heather~ said:
Who hell cares? :mad2: You know what, my English teacher (at college) told me that lot of deaf people have trouble with A and THE and explained to me why. Its because DEAF people dont hear sentences EVERYDAY from thier EAR like hearing people do. Also told me that EVERYONE always have ERROR grammar -- NO ONE IS PERFECT.

Anyway, I dont know about PHONICS PROGRAM. I agree with Fly Free & Javapride.


Or maybe everyone is perfect! (Alexander Pope) :nana:

Your English teacher hasn't met me yet she/he made a judgment with which he/she assumed would apply to every deaf person. :tears:

I've been an English tutor for about a couple years at gally. I didn't get good English comphrension from just hearing sentences everyday with my own ears. I exposed myself to a lot of books. Read, read, read, and use a dictionary! Take responsibility for yourselves, and don't rely so much on others with good English comphrension to edit your paper or anything else you've written.. that will only make your self esteem plummet in my opinion. Find a solution that works for you and still be able to keep your dignity. Most of all, it doesnt hurt to ask others if your grammar is good or bad. Don't pretend your English is just fine, if you wish to have really good English grammar.

In short, it helps to read literature - perhaps an anthology (collection of short stories, passages, or works of art or music) would be good to start with working on your analyzing skills. YES, you get to think about what you read. I recommend the Great American Bathroom Book series. ;) It will definitely help you catch up with the great works, and concepts/ideas that define our society today.
I took the phonics lesson and it did helps me. I not know about you and others think of this subject. I do understand that it not help you some but good experience for deafies to learn phonics. If I still with phonics then I will be complete do well but I had to lost the "learning center" for long time ago. I been learning from another to another like use the words and use the sentances in the paragraph, etc. That is my opinion. :D
I know this is an old post, but I wanted to add to it.
I didn't use phonics when I learned to read. I learned by memorizing how to spell the words. I've always been really good at spelling. My sister (who is hearing), is a really bad speller lol. She did use phonics.
Anyways, some of you may know I am in college majoring in Special Education. My teacher recently told me about this book, it's called "The Bad Speller's Dictionary." My teacher says it is listed by the way it sounds, not by the way it is actually spelled. In one column it shows how it is spelled in phonics and in another column, it shows how it is really spelled. For example, the word "phone" sounds like fone, so that word would be under "f" section.
Here's a website for this book.