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Apr 3, 2015
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Hello all! Just found this site. My name is Dani. I have been diagnosed with profound hearing loss. I was told that this would progressively get worse. My hearing loss stared - or I started noticing it - in 2005. No one can tell me WHY this is happening and there are no other members of my family that suffer from this.

I have a lot of difficulty at work with speaker phones. Forget about the drive thru at Whataburger. I was told by one of my doctor's that I read lips. I have never had training in this but he told me that my brain "taught itself". I think I more associate certain sounds with lip movements. A doctor advised that I learn sign language. I see on this site a link to DVDs that you can purchase for this. Are they any good? If not, can you recommend anything?

I'm looking forward to making friends here. I'm glad I found this site.
Welcome! And good on you for deciding to learn ASL... have you looked into other things like HAs and CIs? There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle!
Hello Dani. Ihave the same story as u almost. I was born hearing until 2009 I had a brain injury. I had a new hearing test today and it show im deaf in my right ear and im sever profound in my left. When this first started to happen my hearing wasnt that bad i was moderate in my right and mild in my left but 6 years later im concidered to be deaf. I am learning asl now but I do lip read alot. I found out the hearing aids i was given were never programmed correctly for my loss but for tinnitus. I had just one for my right but now they said i need both as soon as possible.

If you want to work on asl with me i use glide and now skype. I watch Bill Vicars from who has lots of asl lessons on youtube.

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Welcome to all deaf dani.....
Sign will....(refer to my sig)...
HI Dani,

Hows things with you?

I am looking at making friends on here too.

Hope we can chat soon.