Interpreter's salary

I can fire an interpreter and request another for any reason I see fit. Perfectly within my rights!

No, you can't. Not in an educational environment. You can file a complaint. The disability office will decide whether your complaint is valid or not. They will make the decision regarding interpreter assignment.
What these interpreters are doing at the college I goto fits right into the definition of what fraud is.

Fraud: "The intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to deprive another of his/her/its money, property or a legal right." Law Dictionary

Hurry, give me contact information for the proper parties and I'll will get this straightened out, including your terp friend and your own participation in this activity.
I can fire an interpreter and request another for any reason I see fit. Perfectly within my rights!

lol wtf? No you can't unless you are terp's employer. All you can do is request for a different terp to your disability office.
bye. come back with facts next time! :smoking:
I know; isn't that funny; including trying to shore up the lie by saying a terp friend of yours told you that.....nah, not buying that.
I found it astounding that Jasin even has terp friends since he has such a low opinion of them.
It always gets ridiculous when jillio's around. I'm leaving too :wave: Take care, God Bless.

I'm not the one responsible. But its typical of you to attempt to blame your ignorance on someone else.
I don't know if reba is an interpreter, but if she is and she was interpreting for me she would of been fired on day 1. Which Is in my right to do. Her attitude towards me is in clear violation of the rid Code of Professional Conduct.
If I were interpreting for you we would never discuss my pay or time sheets to begin with. With that out of the way, we could get along just fine. :)
Yep, I said 9-11 or 8-11. Funny how you are still ignoring the 3 hour part though. No interpreter deserves to get paid for 3 hours of work working only 1.

It is common practice to charge more hours even tho actual work is less..

I used to be a copier tech and we would charge 2 hours minimun.

I've had times when I fixed the machine in less than 30 minutes and still would charge them 2 hours cause of travel time and still have to pay for overhead and stuff used to fix machine. There is alot of expenses that are involved that happens before arriving and after leaving that will need to be paid for. So it's not that simple as getting paid 1 hour when only worked for one hour. Wouldn't be worth all the hassle.

You really should be GLAD that you are even getting the service in first place. For a long long time, deaf were tossed aside and left to rot. Now they are trying to make things happen for us and give us opportunities today that people never had in the past. Be glad for that and that we do have open space of what we want to do in future instead of being tossed aside as it has been in the past!
Thanks, SB; I guess that's for Jasin to respond to......
Yep, I'm just wondering if it is the Pierce County College interpreters he is accusing of wrongdoing. I mean, a community college near Puyallup...I think it oughta be Pierce, right?
YES!! THAT! Couldn't have said it better myself. I've met many CODA's that have awesome receptive skills (of course, since ASL was their first language), but their voicing skills suck. Why? Because they voice exactly what they see, word-for-sign instead of the appropriate English equivalent. English was not their first language and so they have difficulty expressing themselves in that language. It takes years of hard work to become a good interpreter. I guess it just depends on your definition of "good interpreter."
Reading all of these posts reminds me of an old interpreter joke...

How many interpreters does it take to change a light blub?

25. One to do it and 24 to sit around and say, " I would've done it differently." :lol:

ROFL Nice!! I love good interpreter jokes!! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::giggle: