Indiana School for the Deaf

NKidd said:
is there a website for that? if so, i would like the addy please
i wanna to show it to my friends

What I posted was an OPINION of someone I respect. the following is a list of her credentials to back up her opinion.

credentials - BA in English and Education, master's degree in deaf education. I have student teaching experience with hearing high school students (via voice interpreter) and deaf residential school students, have teaching experience with deaf students in a day school program.

This isn't a credential, but I also have traveled extensively within the US and visited more than 100 schools and programs serving d/hh students at the HS level in a previous job; this travel has allowed me to interact with d/hh students using every form of auditory and visual support there is.
Have a question for you ISDers...What is/are the reasons for claiming that ISD is a good school, better than anyone? (obviously it is education but how is that better than other schools? Are teachers strict? Are the classes hard?)

I agree with some people that there are ISDers claiming that it's a good school, but where are the facts?

I don't see anyone from another school making a statement that the other school is good.
Good question....what makes a GOOD deaf school? How can we improve deaf schools, so that hearing parents will WANT to send their deaf and hoh kids to the deaf school, instead of automaticlly thinking that mainstreaming or oral schools are the ANSWER to acadmic sucess.
As u can see I dont talk abt CSDF like an egoist would, im proud that i graduated from there, but we ALL have difference of opioions of what makes a good school I for one know culture wise that deaf society will say this school sucks or that school is better, just be glad we graduated from there, we learned and we're still learning lifes long lesson! BRAGGING abt ur school is like being a stuck up Sorry to say this but that's my opioion.
ISD's campus is beautiful.. i went there for the academic bowl competition in 02, was supopsed to go again last yaer, but we had budget plms, so we couldn't go.