I need ya help


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May 6, 2003
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Hmm , how to start ?!

Ok , i am a student from germany , 18 years old..Next year i will finish shool and then i want to go to USA for some months (e.g. 3 6 Months) ... Why ?? I want to become a teacher for deaf and i want to make experiences in america .. Why ??I love the country there and it would be a very exintig experience there..My parents eg. are deaf and i am hardhering..i can do the signs very well (grown up in this culture) and i have still made for 2 weeks internship in german deaf schools..But that wasn`t enough for me..So , u see , that i am german , so i dont know much bout american shool for deaf...

I need ya expierience and help...

Which school would you suggest me ?!

My friend has a relation in seattle , she is a techer in the school for deaf there , and maybe she would help me to find a right place there..and i hope that i could live i a deaf guest-family


Can u suggest me and may give some advices ?!

Sorry for my bad english :laugh2:
Do you want to go to college to get some kind of teaching certiifcate?

I just wanted to be clear on what you want? Getting an certificate will not take you 3 or 6 months here in USA.

For example, I am going to MSSE (Master of Science of Secondary Education), a MS degree to teach among the deaf and hard of hearing. That program is offered at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

It's a two year program where I will be given the opportunity to observe 100 hours of classes in 6 months, then after that, I will commit myself to two internship at both deaf institutions and mainstream school with deaf program.

What are you exactly looking for?
@ well...If i will studing in germany for deafteacher , i have to make an intership of about 3 months..so i thought that i could that do in amercia , cause its my dream to go there..so i would like to take my chance and use the school break between my exams and the begin of studiing..

My first plans were , to make aupair there..but now i think it would be more interesting and i will have more advances..

After the intership there , willl go back to germany and start studiing for becoming deafteacher ...

So i hope u unterstand what i want, my english is very simple so i cannt express myself very well ...
AllisonJoy wants to be a teacher, too. So Does JamesX007. They both are going to Gallaudet. I suggest you go to visit both places, and see what you like better.
all i can say is Boston Ice it sounds like you are in a dream like program. i'm an interpreter, but interested in teaching the deaf/hh. any info on your program would be great?
It would be best if you did some research for specific fields of studies. Different people do differently in various fields so it would be hard for me to point you in the right direction.
Thx for replying..

Mh..My problem is, that i don`t knwo how to get to this shool..should i do it on the private way ?? If yes , than how ...Where should i live..Maybe there is a deaf familiy , needing sb looking after their children..

The best would be , their childeren are on the same shool .