I got a nice suprise at work today

Congrats! DvD on your bonus , I am sure you will make the right decision what to do with your money :) Have fun with the money!
I say use it for the car payment because there your'e building up your credit everytime you send in a payment and when you finally pay it off - your credit for sure improves. Call this a 'free carpayment.'

I wish my boss would be kind enough to make a car payment for us, lol (aint gonna happen in million years.)

Yeah, I decided I am going to use the bonus money to pay for my car, I want to get it done sooner
Congrats on your bonus DVDFreaker. :)
Treat the bonus to your car, like your car is your kingdom ;)
Congrat on your nice bonus.

I got bonus from $hare yesterday and already got it on my payroll.
Wow that was really nice of your boss to surprise all of the workers with the bonus money! I guess he was in a good mood! :)

As for the money- do something good for yourself like buy new clothes, or like dixie said use that toward for car payments. the sooner you pay the sooner its paid for and it will be yours only truly. :)
I got a nice suprise at work today and the president of the company e-mailed everybody including me thanking everybody for our very hard work and everybody gets a $250 bonus for our hard work, that was a nice suprise! :bowdown:I am not sure what to do with my bonus...should I use the bonus for:

Car payment?
Buy a new bed?
Buy a new couch?
Put security despoit for apartment?

Decisions, decisions...:hmm:

Oh Im happy for you ! Nice of president of the Co gave you $250.00 bonus!! Can I share ? ? Lol.. just kidding! !


wow, that´s really nice of your boss to surprise you with bonus money. I see why not to use money to fulfilling your wish.