Hi everyone! :)


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Mar 8, 2004
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Question: Is it only forum or theres a chat rooms or what? Im new to this and this is kinda overwhelm for me but seems interesting...
hi welcome our group and enjoy urself.. there are only forum so u can put post in there and if u have idea or discuss with us then u can type in!!!! smile.. hehehhehe! WATCH OUT on some people are soo funny n crazy in post!!! u will ROFL!!! hehehe!!!
:wave: Bella,

Welcome to AllDeaf and enjoy your stay .... :mrgreen:
Hello Bella.. Welcome To Alldeaf... No this is a forum to post and get to know eachother and about Deaf Life.. etc... But No Chat room here yet.

So, Welcome Aboard.. Have fun Posting with us!!


Welcome you here and enjoy posting any forums.
Will look forward yours posting.. :)
awwww...for making me welcome. Am looking forward to disccuss or sharing with you guys.:)
We did have a chat room. However, it didn't work out well. It's a lot easier here. People can say something and someone else can reply to it 6 hours later.
Welcome aboard Bella :wave:

Is Bella short for Isabella or greek christian name?

Bella mean beautiful in greek!
Welcome :fly3: :angel:

Is Bella an Italian name? I like that name.... Isbella...
Hey There Bella! , :wave:

Welcome to AllDeaf...Glad to have you here....

See you around....and btw, nice name!.. :D

I wish!!! Bella is not my real name but my nick name. Bella means beautiful in spanish not greek.
BTW, I've always wanted to name my daughter Isbella. *maybe someday...who knows*
Nope, no chat that I know of, but a lot of us have AIM or AOL IM's or MSN, so you can just look that up in user profiles. :) A lot of these posts are "chat material" too, so enjoy yourself and jump in anytime!

:::jumping back into the mix:::

Welcome and have fun,
Welcome to AllDeaf. Do me a favor. Don't be worry and Be Happy. :thumb:
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