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Mar 6, 2003
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what do you think about people that are hard to get?? for me, it keeps it interesting.........I mean I dont want a guy eating out of my hand and worshipping at my feet that is just too easy.....it is more attractive when they act like they arent into you I dont know why. I hate to say it but when I was watching the movie i forget the name - but it was about two guys they help each other get the girl they want...one guy was best friends with the girl and the other guy was cousins with the girl..... it is true, if a guy didnt compliment a girl and act like he is not interested I dont know why, we work more harder to get the guys attention than the guy who just SHOWER us with affection and compliments......that is soooooo weird........I dont know.....what do you guys think??
I think that playing hard-to-get is a complete waste of time. I may not mind if the woman plays hard-to-get every once a while, but when it becomes constant... it becomes a pain in the ass! I've seen guys complain that they can't get some gal that they are interested in because they are going overboard with playing hard-to-get. From what I observe, I agree. Sometimes, those gals ask for too much and it gets on the guys' nerves!
I have to agree with what Shaun said. The girls are out of the line and don't treat the men like equally. Because we, the men, can't able to READ what they said in their mind. As well as the women can't able to read what the men said in the mind. Since the women are out of the lines, then it get becomes more bored to men. Then they should show some open-minded and feelings. Then stay on the secret and let the men to figure it out. It sound like the mind game. I hate that game. :thumbd:
women do play that games too... my ex-girlfriend did that to me several times playing Crying/Ily games with me and I knew the relationship was over... I'm glad I'm myself now...
To be honest, I never really played hard to get -- after I lost 95 pounds around the age of 25 and I was desperate in dating guys!!!!!!!!! So, I lapped up every bloke's attention, heheheh! :P Not that I slept around, mind you! I just dated as many guys as I could...had a few serious relationships, then now am married. ;)