"Elite Member"?

VamPyroX said:
Everyone plays 2 faced. Being here in AllDeaf is like being out in the real world. You get a job working for a company. You work your ass off to get a special rank or position. Now, from there... it's up to you. You can decided to do something bad and get yourself fired or stay loyal and keep moving up. Here, you join AllDeaf and prove yourself to be a mature and loyal member. From there, you could possibly become an "Elite Member" and gain more access. After that, it's up to you to remain loyal or to get yourself banned.

IMO - That was a bit heavyhanded, Vampy. You are implying that everyone thinks having access to a nudity forum is a step up on the ladder, but not everyone wants nudity and that doesn't have to mean that these people have to be considered less loyal at AD. That's just silly! :lol:

I have a weight loss forum that is private and closed, but it doesnt make the members who have access to it better than anyone who doesnt have access to it. The elitism thing doesn't make sense to me at all.

I am not against having a nudity forum that is private and closed to the public and disinterested general AD'er members. I know you and Alex would do a great job moderating it responsibly. Go for it!
At a different site, I have been asked to show my ID with date of birth. I though that was a great example. All you have to cross out address and ssn etc but name/ and DOB thats all or something similar to it also other site did ask first so the adimistrator would make decision too....

I think elite forum may be a good idea with "limited" so the kids wouldn't access...

AS I am a parent of 2 children and a baby on way. I have a very very common sense of not leave my laptop or computer open. I mean I would make sure it is not viewable for them to see it.. My mother has a password access on her window XP for each grandkids she has.. so that way the grandkids has a block on it.. which I though it was a great idea.. My old roommate used to run all pornos of course I had to yelled at him MILLION of time He does NOT GET IT and want to know HOW i knew about it. I said duh, the crashing, the pop up ads etc where my computer is accessable for Everyone in the diningroom doesn't mean they could use pornos or so unless you KNEW how to block it etc. My kids doesn't understand how to block the website etc unless i have some block access but now we don't do that because my roommate isnt here anymore (Thank god).... My husband had to yell at him for ingoring my request etc.. He (ex roommate) didn't even know it goes on the phonebill automatically my husband of course was Pissed and had to make him to take care of it etc soo... now we don't have to worry because we "dont allow" him use it since last year and he moved out a month ago (thank god)......

I tell my kids If they saw something funny and not right and is very bad or so Please let us know so we can straight it out and try block etc sofar there s no problem !!!

I understand some people feel different some don't care etc... but I am very sure there are many many common sense parents and adults to do the proper way. I tend asked person "kids near you?" or in email " not front of kid " which was a lot help. My husband though the same.. My daughter has witness so many time thru her old father who was very neglect and does NOT think about other people cuz He tend leave porno on tv allnight and my daughter would walk by livingroom and freaked out waking me up saying shut that thing off I feel bad for her I had to come out of bedroom to change it or shut it off.. my daughter doesn't need that my son doesnt need that either.. this happen over 5 years ago.. Which im thankful i broke up with my ex-bf!!!

as for sextoon or any jokes or any pictures with jokes Its good idea to use restrictions it doesn't mean only porno.. etc Im sure alex and vamp does have common sense to figure out something and to protect the forum and people too.

Just remember this is just a Opinions that is all..

TO me, the term "Elite member" would mean something more likely members who has contributed to this forum and have like over 1000 posts. But the word "elite" also evokes something like an exclusive group that is superior to others. If one was to create a group of elite members with the purpose of permitting them have access to nude pictures, then I do not agree with this term. I agree with Liza with her suggestion of using other term such as "Members with Advantage" or something like that.
:-o I shall be an "elite member" or whatchamacallit...

Look at my sn... DirtyOldMan :deal:

There's nothing so dirty, only if you do it right! :naughty:

As far as I've read so far in here - quite a number of good ideas about setting up a special access sub forum for nudity and xxx pics...
I think it's a great idea to try the system and see if it works in containing trouble from getting in there. I reckon it's a bit of a sticky issue...like what Alex said -- after it's gone through at least a week or two trial and decide whether it's any good or scrap it off.

Good for it, Alex and mod team. :mrgreen:
I don't know why everyone is getting so upset about this. Are you all forgetting about the existing "super secret double probation elite member" status where you get access to all of the super secret forums including the "members only pr0n" forum? sheesh
little ms fancy are u forgeting that many of us are parents? and don't want this ? and not only that dont want to be exposed to this and not only that also havign a title is like saying ur speical over someone else, we ALL are EQUALS and having a title like that makes us sound like we're not speical when the elite members name is on the title section and they can go in and we don't !so cocky attidutes don't get u anywhere! they want PORNOS then go to another site don't come to AD and degrade AD's hard deciated work.