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Dec 20, 2003
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Does it help to teach your child (deaf or hearing) to read at a young age (between 4-5) and taking the time to 'read' to the child(ren)?

I personally believe it's a very important role for parents to do this during a time when children are exposed to a wider variety of tv shows/movies and games, etc. I do understand that certain deaf parents may not fully be able to help a child learn to read, yet, the next best thing is to be able to 'encourage' a child to read. Reading isn't a chore, or something boring to do, there are quite a few entertaining books out in the market with a lot of varieties for anyone's interests...I have been able to take the time with the children here by encouraging them to read and for the youngest boy here, he sure does love it when reading a story to him!

So, my question is: Does it help when children are taking the time to 'read'? Is it a positive attribute in a society that seems to rush on by...etc? What are your views and what more can we do to positively influence our children today to 'read'?
Yes, I do think it is important to teach your child to read books. I buy my son books all the time we even go to book stores. I even enrolled him into reading programs too at school. Books that might interest kids the most are animals , adventures, so much more that you can choose from. Teaching kids that reading can be fun along with photos in pictures.
Yes. It's never too young to read. If you read the story Matilda, it's a funny story of this bright girl who had powers and she began to read at a very, very, young age. I think before age 1 LOL. Deaf parents who can't read can buy phonics and read along books, so if their hearing child can hear, then you encourage them to listen and read. They will eventually pick it up.

I believe teaching children in their young age help developes their reading skills before they start kindergarden and understanding words, listening to each story and how it ends....

I can see my 4 years old son sitting next to me and listening to the story, he was so interesting and very curious about what will happen next and love to look at the pictures in the book....

I'm trying to get my other two children to read books everyday for at least 15 mins of their time, to help their reading skills and maybe become a writter one day....who knows! ... ;)

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Oh yes! It is very important to teach your child how to read at young age. Even though if they don't understand the vocabularies but still READ to them. My oldest niece is gifted in reading. My family (my family is deaf), we read to her often even though if she doesnt understand us but we still read to her and now she is fluently in reading with sign language.(she is hearing) Her vocabularies are pretty high ... Reading is very important. Spare your time everyday reading to your child... READ READ READ.. you'll be happy with the conclusion.
definitely!!! my parents told me i learned how to read by time i was 2 years old by myself (i dunno if i actually learned it by myself or had some help) but i did a little research and discovered that those kids who read at more young age tend to have more moviation for learning and is more eager to go for the best in life.. thats basicially is true for me so i definitely believe you should start to teach kid how to read as soon as the kid understand how to communicate