Do you ever have any lousy sexual intimacy experience?


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Jul 7, 2003
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Do you ever have any relationship that has a lousy sexual pleasures? Or someone u slept with. Also do you even dump ur man or ur woman for a lousy sex? Do you believe in a relationship based over having good sex pleasures or believe in ur love ones? Do you ever tell ur sexual partner if it was a good, awesome, or a fishy ones? Just wanted to hear from you guys.

I never have any lousy sexual pleasure in a relationship.. Never was in a relationship with it before.. Only have experienced it with fooling around and there are some guys that sucked at it. But there are nothing I can do about it. Only had to tell my partner know the truth on how he performed it. Sometime the partner won't even believe you.. It's who they chose to believe in instead of you. I really hated when guys only think about themselves but not both of us. What a MEN they are.. Or sometime they don't satisfy us women. I would be like hey I'm not even done. Would make them do it more until I'm satisfy. I do not like a short sex like 30 min. I would like it to be longer than that. Sorry Men. That's how it would satisfy us women...:naughty:
I would never dump my wife because she had lousy sex with me....I would just remember that my wife can learn and improve.

She says the same for me as if I was lousy. :p
Hmmmmmm.....I did meet someone online who I thought was a nice bloke, but he wanted sex only...and I wanted to be friends only....and since I was and am still too nice of a person to say no. So we had sex....but he was a LOUSY fuck. :P :roll:

Thank goodness I ain't in touch with him anymore !