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Mar 12, 2003
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I've been interpreting in many different seetings for about 7 years now. My brother is deaf and has always been in public shcools, but only mainstreamed for classes such as PE, art, tech,....It's my observation that deaf and HH students who are with "Hearing impaired teachers" don't graduate with the tools they need. I have also noticed that these teachers are not required to take any sign courses in college which is insane. Also, it's terrible how these hearing impaired teachers play the role of mom and dad instead of teacher just to keep their jobs. I'm a christian, but this is one thing that gets my blood boiling. anyone agree or disagree or have any insight to why this goes on. maybe a story or two to brighten my day. peace and god bless, lfreed
Yeah, that's true... I have had experience with my support teacher who always wanted to do the work for me, one time this essay I did, she re-wrote it in her own words despite the fact that she knew I needed it to be in my own words to pass the class... she thought it wouldn't be good enough and they were constantly over-helping so my deaf friends and I would have good marks. But one skill deaf people need to learn is independence.

Not only that, but they weren't very helpful. Some were great, understanding and helpful but some were just annoying. I guess it depends on the individual. The role of mum is overplayed by teachers I've known, they go too far and the kids become reliant on them which is a bad thing because once they go off to uni, they will need to learn to do things for themselves.
Hey, I'm new!!!!! Well, sometime who are in deaf Teacher want a job. I believe Deaf Teacher have to use College for 4 years. Or, training for only Aide Teacher is permission if they need help with the teacher.

When they teacher to use good like your favorite subject. I like Math very much. I like to teacher like that subject Math class only. Depend have to use college class or Teacher Aide training. I am not sure exactly yet. I hope you like to learning a new teacher for job. So, whatever would be.