Converting English text to ASL gloss

In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf
one sunday morning the warm sun came up and pop! out of the egg came a tiny and very hungry caterpillar
He started to look for some food
on monday he ate through one apple, but he was still hungry
on tuesday he ate through two pears, but he was still hungry
on wednesday he ate through three plums, but he was still hungry
on thursday he ate through four strawberries, but he was still hungry
on friday he ate through five oranges, but he was still hungry
I have an asl class that I love but I can’t accurately gloss. I’m trying to write the sentence, “What is your favorite animal“ in gloss form but I’m not sure if it is “your favorite animal what?” Or “your animal favorite what?”
It should be the second "Your animal favorite what?"
I need help glossing this I don't know how.
My sister Lily broke her toe. She asked me to take her to the doctor and the salon.
We started at my house.
I will drive two blocks down the street. The doctor's office is on the corner.
The salon is adjacent to it.
It took two hours.