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Mar 6, 2003
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Who attend Central Institution for the Deaf (CID) in St. Louis, MO at all? Any other neighbor deaf schools, like St. Joseph, etc.?

I attended CID for 12 years (almost all of my childhood years).
Not me... I live in St Louis but not gone to any school in Missouri.. Me finished in Dallas Texas. :D I know St Joseph and CID, ofc Missouri of the Deaf near Columbia. I just heard that there is other school in STL is blind and deaf school, too. I think it is on Russell Rd something like that. I met ppl who goes to mainstreamed school here at STL.... what else? Me not think of anything or heard. :D
I know that there's a new deaf school called "Moog School" or something like that. Have you heard of it yet? If so, what's it like over there? (In fact, I know who Jean Moog is.)
I've heard of Moog Oral School....VOMIT!!!!
"Oh no, speechreading is EVIL and if you teach a deaf child to speechread, they won't want to learn how to use their residual hearing!"
Give me a break! Even most hearing people speechread!!! There are even sounds which sound alike but are only differtanted on the lips!
Moog ?? Me have no idea. :D Interesting to know... mmmmm (after read deafdyke's post) mmmmm kewlies!
uhmm ive never heard of Moog School but yea i agree with Deafdyke *smh* at their philosophy
No wonder I didn't get along well with Jean Moog when I was younger. She was the principal of CID at the time I attended CID. :o That's how I knew who she is... and just found out about her starting her own deaf school. (Didn't realize that her philosophy is way off from what I believe.)
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Yes, the latest trend in oral Deaf education is something called Auditory-Verbal Therapy (or Acupedics) where deaf and hoh kids are taught not to speechread but instead exclusively use their residual hearing. Personally, while I am not against auditory training (there are some times when hearing people just have to depend exclusively on hearing) I think the whole A/V philopsophy is crap!