ATTN Alex. Cookie Problems??

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Apr 7, 2003
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I have noticed that recently, I keep having to log into AD. I have my settings to "Accept All Cookies" and I have it checked "Remember me" and I still have to log in everytime. This just started to happen recently. Is it me or AD??
Lemme test that and see what's up! as for the remmy me part I have this password logged in and i changed my password so i had to retype that thing AGAIN to make sure i logged in the right password dang!
hey i can log out and log in and with no plm i checked to see if i was logged out and it showed i was, and my cookies were cleared with no plm... intresting for u guys
I just have to type my username and password everytime for this site now. Never had to do that before. This is just recent.
Haven't had any trouble with the cookies nor the login and logout. :confused: Sure hope the problem will be resolved asap for you, prostock!
don't want to be bothered with signing in and out while I'm on tmobiel pager cuz takes too much time for me to do that cuz if i do that I wud miss a bus stop or errand that i am probably supposed to do tho :roll:
Bah!! I had trouble posting my reply and ended up as Kootchie's. Whoops!

But here is what I have to say:

Some spyware programs removed my cookies, so I had to log in often. Also, some people have their IE or browser set to not allow cookies. That can also be a cause of having to sign on everytime. Or it could be something with AD's site. I am sure Alex would help you figure it out if he knows how.
Deaf258 said:
Also, some people have their IE or browser set to not allow cookies.
That is not my problem. I am a cookie monster and accept all cookies. Lemme Try deleting all AD cookies and try again.
I cleaned out all alldeaf cookies, as well as vbulletin, and now it seems to work. Weird. I think this thread can be locked now. Thanx for everyone's help.
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