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Feb 28, 2003
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i suggest you make a whole new forum for all the "ask me" threads

we have a lot of em and they're not really related to general discussion
Sounds good idea.. I agreed w/ ya wicked. Too many people would add n add n add threads abt themselves so shld add a forum for Ask me.
Actually, why don't we merge this idea with Introductions. That way, it will say... Introductions & 'Ask Me' ?'s.
i dunno-- i sorta see introductions as for new members to introduce themselves...

but those ask me threads is like-- i suppose i classify them as a group of their own.
True, but think about this. After a week or so, those "ask me" threads will have been old and useless. People will then stop reading/posting them, and they'd just be a waste of space.