Americaan Chopper, ask me anything :)

Some day We can take a ride........... I want one of my own. I had a learner permit in 1992, then I found out I was pregnant with my oldest child so I couldn't get road test while Preggy due of doc said " It is ok but I prefer NOT! Please wait " I said I have no problem waiting but dang I wish I could do On road test just to get it passed then I wouldn't have worry ya know LMAO.. so Next time.. probably in 5-8 years I will get it because I rather my kids get grown up first..... My two kids are over 6 yrs old but 1 problem I am pregnant :) So I gotta wait another 5 years or so :) Darn but babies/children comes first :) :)

Wendy ;)
Originally posted by Oddball
I wish to own American Chopper but American Chopper is one of the most expenisive motorcycle I just say about worth of bike cost $50,000 to $150,000 dollars for each bike. I like rex motorcycle which is less cost than $25.000... As you see my avitar (motorcycle) that's excatly I want .. It's Harley Davidson.

Gosh.. the prices!! :jaw:

I did rather to buy a house instead of motorcycle. :D

~ Sabrina

P.S. American Chopper cracks me up ! :eek: