Americaan Chopper, ask me anything :)


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May 20, 2003
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All guys and gals,

Ask me anything that you want to know about me . get to knowing me ;)
HI and can u tell us little bits about urself that u feel that something u want to share with us that we might get know u little bits ...

What do u see five years from now ?
Noticed ur avatar show the motorcycle. U love the motorcyle? If so, can u name it what kind of motorcycle u wish to own?
give us lady's first and last name that you broke her cherry ?

What do u see five years from now

It's very hard to say in five years. I would like to have my own business for graphic design and web design. Also motorcycle business as just like build American Chopper. I've always wanted to build motorcycle. I am planning to take welding class for build motorcycle. Right now, I am graphic design freelancer and give me more talent and experience with computer stuff.

Speaking of who I am, I'm just down to earth, laid back, sense of humor, and very humble person. shhh I sometimes become mischief to tease ladies he he he he :twisted:

Lasza ,

I wish to own American Chopper but American Chopper is one of the most expenisive motorcycle I just say about worth of bike cost $50,000 to $150,000 dollars for each bike. I like rex motorcycle which is less cost than $25.000... As you see my avitar (motorcycle) that's excatly I want .. It's Harley Davidson.:cool:
sorry I have not meet you in 1979 until 1998. It must be someone else.

~ Sabrina
Why do I always get you and SilenceGold messed up? Do you two know each other?
Originally posted by AmericanChopper

You mean Sabrina or me? about us know each other?

No, I meant SilenceGold, not Sabrina. I know you and Sabrina know each other in real life.
When are you and Sabrina ever get married?

Are you keeping wet towels off Sabrina's bed? :mrgreen:
Katzie Chicks

American Chopper tends to pull his pants down in the living room when he gets home from work. I was wondering why if he needs my attention or what ?

He may shows off his colorful boxer short confront of me. He always complains, I watch Life Time movie. :(

~ Sabrina
Hey Sabrina,

excuse mmeeee.... Blahh Blahh to everyone that I tends to pull my pant down and see my colorful boxer.... ( too Blushing) :o


We don't know about planning to get married... We take some time . Of course, I am keeping my wet towel off on sabrina's bed .. You are monitor to watch me if I put towel on sabrina's bed then you call 911 and fireman would take my towel out off on sabrina's.:laugh2:


SilenceGold and I do not know each other.... smile :)

oops..wrong thread..
Originally posted by ChelEler
Do you get along with Sabrina's sons?

yes we are getting along very well. They are looking up at me as good role of model. I give them lot of support whatever I always be there for them no matter what.