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hey alex u did great with ad gallery... great pictures.... sowwiez i dunt know who they are.. juz enjoying seeing their pictures and some are funny and some are pityful... :)
Who is this lady ? allisonjoy other one whom? Was not it e or your sister, Monica ?? I may need to wear more thick glasses. *jeeze*

Ally you looks so great. Hardly to believe, you grow into lady now! Last time, I saw you, you were about 11 yrs old. It was good to seeing your face again. :D



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It's awesome that you have done on all deaf gallery. Someday, Sabrina and I will meet you in person and others, too.. ;)
Originally posted by Stevey Boy
No, he was sleeping on the couch.

Oh thanks for clearing it up. You should have set a whiskey bottle in his lap...make it look more of a drunk with no questions to ask.
Great pictures. :thumb up:

It's funny how some of you snapped the pictures of homeless people holding the posters.