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  1. Mister Harbies

    Pathetic posts

    Hey guys, Its been a while since I've been here at (A few years) I notice that lots of people here make pathetic posts... here are some examples: I mean seriously... could you guys at least say something more informative. This is not a chat room or somewhere to donate...
  2. Mister Harbies

    Deaf Life, Better now or before?

    Hey guys and gals, Here is a debate which will last one week. I have to argue that Deaf Life is better NOW, than 30-50 years ago. For an example, We have pagers, internet, cars, technology and life is so great. The other team will argue that Deaf Life was better 30-50 years ago, and...
  3. Mister Harbies

    Los Angeles Accomodation

    Hi everyone, anyone here willing to host me and my partner for two nights? I'll be arriving in Los Angeles on the 5th July 2003 before going off to the World Federation for the Deaf congress. Maybe you have a friend in Los Angeles? Email me at to let me know if...
  4. Mister Harbies

    Search function

    I just thought it would be great if I were able to search for members by selecting a location as a search word. This should be put into Advanced Search. Currently we can search for members who posted on this date or this date, name, homepage, IM and so on. Additional features should be...