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    VRS & Glide

    The answer to #2 is that they do not handle SMS. That's your customer's mistake for putting in their VRS number instead of their mobile number.
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    ASL, why keep embracing it

    I still don't understand why ASL has to be destroyed to accomplish his goal. That doesn't make any sense. Great post DeafDucky!
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    ASL, why keep embracing it

    The OP has failed to explain why he thinks ASL is some kind of barrier to progress. I think ASL is a driver of progress.
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    Feedback on Z5 Max?

    I'll be waiting to read your posts about it.
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    New update regarding FCC User RegistrationDB

    The video explains why? The real question is why did the NAD wait so long to oppose it?
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    What do you like using most: TTY, VRS, IP Relay, TRS, VCO, ZVRS, ACCESS, SMS

    I hate those stupid, "press 1 for ______, press 2 for _________, press 3 for..." messages. They're bad no matter which service you use to call them with.
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    I need your help convincing nonprofits to caption their online videos

    I'm not sure what is to be done. I've never found any of them to listen. (Interesting that call us deaf, but it is they who do not hear.).
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    Are sign language interpreters necessary at all public events? – watch

    No video. People like me can do fine with the caption, but not everyone can. Providing needed info has nothing to do with being PC. Silly.
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    Need Resources for International Sign

    Not sure about resources, but H3 does a lot of videos where they use International Sign. You can pick it up by watching them.
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    flat screen and vcr

    Most VCRs work with this: or:
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    Internet Browser

    Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
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    Purple giving away Free TV?

    The TV I got from Purple can used as a regular TV. The one I got from Sorenson (I don't know if they still offer them) also can be used as a TV too. However, they're both small TVs. The Purple one is larger, but it's not that big. Good for an office, or a dorm. I use it exclusively for the...
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    Sorenson problem

    Thank you for that explanation. That does make sense. However, since contacting Sorenson, it all seems to be fine now. I have no idea what they did to fix it, but they did.
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    Sorenson problem

    I talked with tech support. They said they will investigate it. I called my friend a little later and still got the interpreter, but 10 minutes ago it worked fine! They must have done something. I did give them my friend's number. I do not know what they did, but so far, so good.
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    Sorenson problem

    I did re-boot my modem and router last night, and later on got a call. Knock on wood maybe that's it? I called my friend and still get an interpreter. I'm going to go ahead and call tech support anyways and see what happens.
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    Sorenson problem

    I'll come back after I talk with Sorenson. We'll see.
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    Sorenson problem

    You have no need to explain how it works. I already got that. If what you were saying were so why is it happening to other people on different ISPs? Secondly, this is a new problem. It didn't happen while you were working for Sorenson. Maybe this is something you don't know about. I'll...
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    Sorenson problem

    That's where you're wrong. I understand you perfectly. What I'm sating is it's not just me. It's not just comcast. It's not even just my town. If it were just me, I would assume you right, but you're not understanding that it's multiple people, in multiple cities, with multiple ISPs. I...
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    Sorenson problem

    Doubt me fine, but there is a problem. Yes, I have Comcast. One friend has Cox, and the other has a different ISP.
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    Sorenson problem

    Then why are my friends having the same issue, all at the same time?