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    need a text-to-speech app for cell phone.

    Correct. Google Live Transcribe is also Cloud AI too. Real-time. Otter is like the iPhone version of “Android Live Transcribe”. That way I can do the same thing on iPad & iPhone & Laptop & Windows & Surface. Also real-time too. Search “Otter” on App Store. It gives you 600 free minutes a...
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    need a speech-to-text app that works

    Try too -- it has a webapp, iOS app, and Android app. Although the text size is smaller, it does a better job in certain situations -- it has been around for much longer than Google Live Transcribe and has an iOS app. A MacBook Pro with a microphone attached, successfully...
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    need a text-to-speech app for cell phone.

    Live Transcribe works well but it's not available for iPhones yet. I've been using Otter, Although this one does not translate automatically, it's good for offline translations because the transcription quality is really good. I like Otter because it's free (up to 600...
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    Major Problems with Bell/Rogers/Telus Canadian IP-Relay Service

    Hello There are currently numerous problems with Canadian IP-Relay services at this moment, so I had to mail a CRTC complaint (Home Phone section) at I am posting here, since other deaf Canadians may need to know about this. --- --- ---...
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    Burglar alarms for the deaf?

    (1) Buy a home automation hub (about $200). Make sure it supports your device. (2) Get an alarm system that supports that home automation hub. (3) Buy smart light bulbs that the home automation hub supports. About $10 per smart lightbulb minimum. (4) Use your iPhone or iPad app to link (2)...
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    How can i do closed captioning with face time

    Great suggestions! There's a captioned FaceTime equivalent called Talky at You can put captions on video by typing while having video.
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    Alarm Clocks With Pillow Shakers

    I don't use pillowshakers anymore.... Cheap smartwatches now have vibrators ($50, $80 watches) I can sleep anywhere I want (sofa, friend, family, etc). My watch on my wrist vibrates to wake me up now. I even downloaded a smartwatch app so I have to enter a special button code to turn off my...
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    List of Streaming Services with CC/Subtitles [Netflix, AppleTV, Vudu, Amazon, etc]

    March 2013 update is much better, and finally captions have arrived on most Netflix material in Canada (seems to be >75% now). Most deaf people being visual people wanting the best image quality, enable SuperHD on Netflix. SuperHD also works in Canada; but you must go to Settings...
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    AMC Theatres Announce Captioning!

    I have been using RWC and CaptiView for the last few years in Canadian movie theaters. (Toronto's ScotiaBank Theatre, as well as the SilverCity in Ottawa). Summary: - I now prefer CaptiView, now having used both - CaptiView theaters have more captioned movies than RWC theaters. - CaptiView is...
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    AMC Theatres Announce Captioning!

    [duplicate deleted]
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    List of Streaming Services with CC/Subtitles [Netflix, AppleTV, Vudu, Amazon, etc]

    Hello, Based on my researching about Closed Captioning and Subtitles: [Info current as of January 3, 2012] Services supporting CC/Subtitles - Netflix: Captioning is supported. (now lots of material) - AppleTV: Captioning is supported. (some material) - Vudu: Captioning IS NOT supported. -...
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    Bell Cannada IP-Relay - Possible CRTC violation?

    (written to Bell, copied here) CC: CRTC To Bell Canada, Recently, you made a change to your IP Relay service that makes the process of making a phone call slower and longer. Your IP Relay service login procedure has become unacceptable, and a possible violation of "ease of disability access"...
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    International TTY & relay calling.

    One possibility is to get a VPN service, to make your computer look like a U.S. connection (U.S. IP address). These VPN services usually cost a few dollars a month and would solve your problem.
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    FCC Cada Canada

    One complaint I now have about Bell Canada's IP-Relay is that it's now harder to log in, as I have to go through more hoops -- Bell It now requires me to jump through 4 webpages before I can make a quick phone call. IP Relay was easier to login earlier... Can't Bell make it easier to...
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    Real-Time Text on Google Talk & Apple iChat !!! Coming in 2012.

    Some news...Two companies are working on an open source Android demo of real-time text. I'm helping them! Also, put up a new page, for those who want to share the link on Facebook or with other people (i.e. companies they work at, Cisco, AOL, Google, NID, Gallaudet, etc)...
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    Google/Youtube and improving auto-captioning

    Appreciated -- I did fill that out a few days ago.
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    Google/Youtube and improving auto-captioning

    Does anyone know how to contact Ken Harrenstien at Google, inventor of auto-caption for YouTube? I'd like to also inform him of the real-time text protocol I developed for Google Talk compatible networks (XMPP extension XEP-0301 - ...)
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    We dont take relay calls, piss off

    I use a very standard intro message: "Hello! This is Mark calling through a relay interpretor because I am deaf." This helps some, not perfect, but this helps. It's short, it's clear to people who's never used relay because they know what an "interpretor" is!
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    Real-Time Text on Google Talk & Apple iChat !!! Coming in 2012.

    The Android XMPP RTT software can be programmed to holds transmission until the person has moved on to the next word, so the person can finish typing the word before the word gets transmitted. So typos don't need to show up! (unless you ignore the typo and continued typing the next two words)
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    Real-Time Text on Google Talk & Apple iChat !!! Coming in 2012.

    TechBill, there's an ON/OFF feature in the menu -- so you can turn it on and off as needed! It was also in ICQ split screen in the late 90's, before ICQ removed it. I believe that the technology should be included in all chat programs, with an on/off feature! (AIM already has it, it's off by...