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  1. Lillys dad

    Good bye

    Well, after several arguments and ambush attacks here on all.deaf, I have come to the conclusion that I am finished here. I can no longer tollerate senseless, unprovoked attacks here simply because of some of the choices I have made for my family and my deaf daughter. For a group of people to...
  2. Lillys dad

    Question about new advertisers

    I noticed a new advertiser here. SO where can I get bumperstickers that bash leading democrats? You know, polosi, kerry and people of thier ilk.
  3. Lillys dad

    What did this mean?

    OK, As some know, I am learning sign. I was taking our new puppy (13 week old standard poodle, who is going to be trained as a hearing dog for my daughter) to be dropped off and get groomed, then I had a meeting to go to at work. Anyway, while at a stop light, a car pulled up next to me. I...
  4. Lillys dad

    deaf, CI and HA safety issues

    I am compiling a list of safety issues for deaf children. I am looking for deaf, HA and CI issues. Then how these issues are addressed, if possible. The reason I ask is I am making a handout for parents of recently diagnosed deaf children, and am trying to find issues that I have not yet...
  5. Lillys dad

    Lillys Bilateral activation

    Just wanted to update on Lillys progress. SHe had her bilat CI activated on Feb1. She did awesome. Over the weekedn, I asked her if she liked hearing from both ears. She looked at me, got a huge grin on her face and nodded while saying "YES". Yesterday, wse went back for activation session 2...
  6. Lillys dad


    Check your private messages.
  7. Lillys dad


    Why do people who are strictly against cochlear implants come to the HA CI section to upset people? There are several sections of all deaf that I stay out of simply because I disagree with what is being said there. If some one hates CI, why do they feel welcomed to come to this section, make a...
  8. Lillys dad

    Bilateral CI borg question

    So, I know that maby people with CI jokinly refer to themselves as CIborgs. So are there any nicknames for a bilateral CI recipent? I was thinking maybe "Biborg"? any other names or suggestions? How about BICIborg? Suggestions? "Anyone...........Anyone.....Bueller......Bueller" Sorry, Its an...
  9. Lillys dad

    I need your help

    Hey everyone, I need some help here. Politics and personal beliefs aside here, as some know I am a cop. I am a sxhool resource officer in a jr. high school that has a "special ed" program. Today is the first day back from xmas braek, and they got a new kid. The faculty was not properly informed...
  10. Lillys dad

    Lillys surgery date

    January 31! The Dr. is making the incision behind the left ear, like Lucias. He said this is the standard now, because it allows a faster recovery time. SHe is getting the freedom (like her other ear). He said that the activation will be 2 weeks after surgery due to faster recovery time from...
  11. Lillys dad

    Cochlear celebration San Antonio

    Hey, I just heard about this last night. I was wondering if anyone else has (besides Greema, she was with me when we found out) heard of this. I really want to go to this. Ms. Disturbed, will you be in attendance? After all, it is in your hometown, so you could be our little CI Ambassador to...
  12. Lillys dad

    Raising a daughter

    I picked up a book today called "Father to Daughter". It is a book of quotes from fathers that have raised successful daughters. While reading them it occured to me that all of the quotes are good, but a few of them really stick out as good advice when raising a deaf daughter. I put a couple of...
  13. Lillys dad

    I can somewhat relate

    With how it felt for some that had thei fingers taped and so on to prevent you from signing. I spent this weekend cutting down trees and chopping them into fire wood. On sat. I hurt my left middle finger. I think I broke it, but there is no point going to the hospital for x rays. If it is...
  14. Lillys dad

    Oral Deaf Education Schools of today I have read some real horror stories of how oral schools treated deaf kids in the past. I cannot imagine being put through some of the things that the students had to do. I was reading the summer issue of Sound Effects on line...
  15. Lillys dad

    Day off work = sledding with Lilly

    We are gettign hit with a nasty winter storm. We have been getting hit with freezing rain and sleet for the last 13 hours, and still going. It is supposed to change to snow after midnite. We are supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow overnight. Lillys school and daycare is closed. So I have to stay...
  16. Lillys dad

    Approval for bilateral!!!!!

    It is official. We are 100% approved for Lilly to get her 2nd CI! I have been very leary of the insurance co. But today I called our HR rep. She told me that she talked to the broker, the clims person at the uins co.. SHe told me that everyone is 100% on the same page. The ins. co will pay for...
  17. Lillys dad

    Just a thought

    The other day, I was thinking aboutthe whole buy american crowd with cars. Will they/youi buy a chrysler, dodge, jeep car? After all these labels are owned by Diamler. This is a german company. Now, these labels are the same as Nissan, Toyota, and so on, that are forieng owned comapines that...
  18. Lillys dad

    New car

    We traded my wifes 2000 Nissan Xterra last weekend for a STATION WAGON! This wagon is the fastest car I have ever owned! It is a 2007 VW Passat wagon. It has a turbo charged 2.0, with a 6 speed auto transmission. Yes 6 speed auto. It also has 12 airbags! This car kicks serious ass. I came...
  19. Lillys dad

    A different perspective

    Last night my wife, Lilly and I were at a car dealership looking at new cars. My wife was looking around so Lilyl and I were keeping each other amused. We were sitting on a couch doing some very basic sign back and forth. We were not using our voices. I noticed a guy just stariing at us like we...
  20. Lillys dad

    Almost made me cry

    Lilly and I were driving in my truck today listening to music. She stopped singing and dancing. She had a sad look on her face. I asked her what was wrong. While keeping the sad look, she pointed at her left ear (non implanted ear) and said "No Music". I think this is her way of telling me...