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    Deaf dog Pinkman exploring!

    I got a beautiful picture of Pinkman on a hike in Colorado. She looks like a wolf!
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    Going to New York!

    I got invited by Columbia University to go speak about Deafness and LGBTQ issues and the importance of accessibility in activism. I get to go to New York! What should I see? I have a whole weekend.
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    My deaf dog!

    I adopted a deaf puppy in June. Her name is Pinkman!
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    Identifying as Deaf and disabled

    Hello! I haven't posted in awhile, but I am Hayden. I am Deaf. I grew up oral but now I use sign almost exclusively. I am very involved with my local Deaf community. I visit the Deaf school often and have many friends there, I am an active member of the local Deaf Association, I am a sign...
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    Forced to interpret :(

    I just wanted to vent to people who will understand. I made plans to go to a club this weekend with two of my Deaf friends. This is a big deal for me because before I learned to sign I couldn't do things like that. I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys that lipreading in a dark noisy bar is...
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    Tried a new recipe!

    I made paella! Not bad for a college man, eh?
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    Culture Question

    I was invited by some Deaf friends to a volleyball game at Missouri School for the Deaf. I am going, and I am really excited to meet more Deaf/HoH people closer to my age! I had a question, though. Should I wear my hearing aids? One of my friends said it would be rude, the other said it didn't...
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    Looking for new recipes!

    I really like to cook, so I was wondering if people had cheap, fun recipes they wanted to share. :)
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    Feeling accepted...

    I have thrown myself into Deaf events and parties over the past few months and I feel so accepted by the Deaf community here. I was really nervous that I wouldn't be "Deaf" enough to fit in or that my signing inexperience would hold me back, but I really haven't had any difficulty. I'm so happy...
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    Trying an interpreter for the first time...

    I am trying an interpreter in class next week for the first time. I'm nervous, but we'll see how it goes.
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    My horse had a baby!

    One of my horses had a baby last night! :)
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    I'm back!

    Hello! I've taken a break from Alldeaf, but I'm back! I've started a new semester of college and I am taking 7 hours of ASL a week. My vocabulary is growing really quickly, and I'm having a lot of fun going to Deaf events. I did have a question though. My right hand is KILLING me! Does...
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    How to tell if a Deaf person decorated your tree

    And the Phonaks were hung near the chimney with care...
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    New professor can sign!

    I had lunch with a bunch of students and teachers from my major today, and got to meet some of my new professors. Cool: One of my professors for next semester has Deaf parents, and can sign! Less cool: She saw me tell someone that drunk sorority girls look like slutty baby horses...
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    Got a sign name

    My friends finally decided on a sign name for me. They asked me what I was doing for Christmas, and I wanted to say that I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm Jewish, but it came out "I don't celebrate Christmas, I'm Hannukah." So my name is HANNUKAH with H's. :P On a less goofy note, I'm...
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    Signing with a broken hand?

    I broke my right hand today and it'll be out of commission for awhile. Is there a protocol for this or do I just approximate the signs as best I can?
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    Is more speech therapy worth it?

    I was raised hearing, and I did 5-10 hours a week of speech therapy for 15 or so years. I haven't done any since I started college last year, and I have noticed (and my friends have noticed) my speech declining. I didn't know ASL so speech was my primary means of communication, but now that I'm...
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    Thinking about Gallaudet next year...

    I am thinking about being a "visiting student" at Gallaudet for a semester. Does anyone go there that could tell me things they like and don't like about it?
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    Hello! I work with birds of prey, like hawks, eagles, owls, falcons, and vultures. Here is a picture of me with a Great Horned Owl. Her name is Owliver, and she's quite sassy.