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  1. nightwolf

    favorite movie quote

    Wirelessly posted my favorite quote is from Last of the mohicans there is a war on how is it you are headed west its easy we face to the north then real sudden like turn left
  2. nightwolf


    its 11years since the United States was attacked in an outrageous move by foreign terrorist. we should never forget those that lost there lives that day and the courageous efforts of the rescuers that not thinking of themselves went to save every life they could. let us take a moment to remember...
  3. nightwolf

    talk bout crazy

    Wirelessly posted there is a Dr here who won't see anyone over 200lbs how messed up is that
  4. nightwolf

    new here

    Wirelessly posted Im Eric im a late deaf adult i lip read and sign live with 6 hearing roommates talk about fun lol i live in the mountains of North Carolina looking to make new friendships