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  1. crazy

    Single Deaf Father Raising Hearing Daughter

    Heya everyone.... I'm curious.... how many of you are single and raising hearing child(ren)?
  2. crazy

    Pics of you - Part V

  3. crazy

    Pics of you - Part V

    Bottesini > ok...Thanks. I'll try that.
  4. crazy

    Pics of you - Part V

    mmmm.... just did that and no picture is being posted
  5. crazy

    Pics of you - Part V

  6. crazy

    Pics of you - Part V

    well... let see if it work...
  7. crazy

    Foro Para Sordos

    Bueno ... mi español no es muy bueno pero bueno .... es maravilloso tener a alguien que habla español aquí. Para aquellos que no entienden ... que siempre se puede utilizar Google Translate para leer y escribir lo que la gente quiere hablar el idioma. No sé que muchos sordos que hablan español...
  8. crazy

    Anyone near Western NY/Buffalo/Rochester?

    Buffalo is like.... 3 hours from where I live. I do travel up there from time to time. Perhaps next time I travel up there... we can meet up at some coffee house and teach you bit more sign languages!
  9. crazy

    Pics of you - Part V

    ok... I'm bit confuse... how do I post my pictures up? I click insert picture then its asking for my URL address for my picture. Any help here?
  10. crazy

    Parents' behaviour 'can influence teen drinking'

    My grandfather is an alcoholic and my father is a pot'holic. I can't drink since I get sick easily and don't do drug either since I seen the consequences. I seen them drinking all the time, getting drunk or getting 'messed' up and I learned from that action. It influence me not to do it!
  11. crazy

    Your future...from a toilet. Ketchup please!

    It better come with an A1 Sauce! Lol. Wonder if they got one that taste like t-bone steak?! Can I get it Medium Rare?
  12. crazy

    Why Men-bashing? Women are just as bad!

    Lol. Some of you ladies are funny. One said that guy cheat because of the look... well.... I know alot of women cheated because they can't wait to ride on that good looking hung! I know some ladies do cheat on their man for emotional reason but then again.... if that guy is such a good...
  13. crazy

    Why Men-bashing? Women are just as bad!

    I been reading various thread on this site.... seem like there are quite a bit of Men bashing going on. Ok... I understand that there are alot of women are furious that guys goes out and cheat on their lover, get women pregnant then he walk away acting like he is not responsible for it, and so...
  14. crazy

    Not religious topic.......ok, almost

    LOL. Thats funny!!
  15. crazy

    What's wrong with men!!!!

    Now thats not nice. You haven't met me yet.
  16. crazy

    What's wrong with men!!!!

    Ok... with everybody is bashing on men....let me point out a few things. Yes... I'm a guy! Yes, I'm a single father. Have I ever cheated? No! I am single full time father, never married and raising a little girl BY MY SELF with NO HELP!! My daughter know why i left her mother. She was...
  17. crazy

    More single dads are in charge

    I'm a single full time father. I'm always in charge BUT>>>> with my daughter, we learn to work things out together. It make our relationship so much better!
  18. crazy

    why do hearing people think they better than us?

    I been in the "Hearing Society" for so long.... Sometime they do act like they are better than us but in reality, they are not! I been in both world, Hearing and deaf and I can tell you one thing..... if I had a choice, I would rather be in deaf world. I don't have to "hear" all their B.S. on...
  19. crazy

    Hearing women dating deaf/HoH men

    Sometime I do find women who would say they rather not date with deaf men. It could be many different reason. I think mostly its the fact they are not sure how to handle around deaf man. They may feel like we are "Handicapped" but we know its not true. There are many deaf people I've seen do...
  20. crazy

    do u find it hard being hoh in the real world?

    It can be hard sometime... but usually not. The only problem I have is that there are hearing people who would say something to you then later, when you know what they said, they would say... "oh no... you didn't hear what I said". I really hate that!