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  1. Grummer

    Has Anyone Heard From Deafbajagal ?

    Hi, Im an old member here. I haven't been in this forum for more than a year. I used to have contact with Deafbajagal and im wondering is, she can be contacted? last time i corresponded with her , was that she's ill, and i hope she's still right. feel free to msg me, if you think you could help...
  2. Grummer

    An interesting overview on Death problems in America....
  3. Grummer

    Bionic Leaf Uses Bacteria To Convert Sunlight Into Fuel

    now that's quite bizarre,,,(as does my posts lol)
  4. Grummer

    wow look at this, how bacteria talks!!
  5. Grummer

    women drive because they dont care if they get!!!

    Saudi Historian Says U.S. Women Drive Because They Don't Care If They're Raped here..... it is indeed not a NSFW but it might be a NSFWIUWWM lol
  6. Grummer

    Swedish way to recycle funeral...for energy...
  7. Grummer

    Worm climbing out of the spider.....Ewwww
  8. Grummer

    feeling desparate for money? good news really easy
  9. Grummer

    Gorilla on heat....

    A zoo has a new gorilla but she's hard 2 handle cos she's on heat & there's no male gorillas. So they ask a big Maori who works there if he'll root her for $500? He says he'll think about it. The next day he says he'll do it but with 3 conditions: 1. no kissing; 2. no-one can ever know about...
  10. Grummer

    Sea lion goes swimming in Dunedin !!
  11. Grummer

    "Cochlear Cup" for Rugby. Is this Offensive for Deaf culture and Deaf sports??

    this is like having 'Hearing Aids Cups' back 30 years ago, would this be too weird?? I emailed to the NZ Deaf Rugby board, saying please reconsider, this is offensive to the Deaf community.... no response yet, but I'm angry as they are trying to trickle down 'tolerance' i mean this is Deaf...
  12. Grummer

    Bacteria to replace OIL??
  13. Grummer

    delightful last reading for 2014....a backpacker's leech ... eww
  14. Grummer

    this is fascinating, Christmas MONSTERS!!
  15. Grummer

    future of flight for the super rich......
  16. Grummer

    Sit on my Face !! wow LOL!!!
  17. Grummer

    Satanic Christmas sweaters let you flip the bird (or goat horns) at the holidays LOL Cool Sweates!!! which ones do you like?? lol
  18. Grummer

    This guy thinks Danny DeVito is the Antichrist WTF LOL!!!
  19. Grummer

    The Brown sisters (4) over 40 years changes shown in photos This is really interesting, also note the fashion... aging, stubbornness to 'look' how they like to look.... G
  20. Grummer

    is the economic collapse becoming more real in USA?

    just seems to be all doom and gloom, why's there so much trouble in US of A,,, why so many people are talking of arms, guns, rights, and riots..... is it really getting in a bad way, ..... like collapse of Russia??