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  1. Nita Thomas

    Hello, I am Greg deaf 57, i am deaf man with God's heart and just been isolated.

    Join the deaf communities. Many churches have deaf groups in them, check with the local churches in your area. Ask the city clerk, school social workers, and hearing aid dealers for recommendations for groups to meet up with. If your city has a fb page, post a request to meet up with other...
  2. Nita Thomas

    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    Not everything is visible. Though they may seem to be getting them for their hearing, they probably have other health issues. Arthritis in the joints may make walking difficult, a hyper-sensitivity to certain noises or places, anxiety, heart issues, mental health problems all contribute to...
  3. Nita Thomas


    ASL is good in so many places, hearing places where the deaf may need help for one major example. You are certainly allowed to help him. Look for deaf groups in your community, check with your city clerk's office for them as well as the local school's social workers. Some churches use signers...
  4. Nita Thomas

    Ear Canal itches or feels full...

    Never heard of Debrox ear drops. Are they an over the counter item? Maybe I should check with my local drug store for them. I have used peroxide for cleansing but it is hard to do it to myself, even though it always works and helps.
  5. Nita Thomas

    Ear Canal itches or feels full...

    So what do you do when after putting in that hearing aid you find your ear feels like it's itchy or maybe like your ear is blocked? when that happens to me I just pull out my ear buds --- new hearing aid doesn't use ear molds, just a little so air can get in again. But seriously, what do you...
  6. Nita Thomas

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    While I do use humor around family and friends, I find with unknowns I try to fit in so I pretend to follow conversations that I don't totally understand and I laugh with the group even tho I don't know what they laugh at. With my family and friends that isn't needed. So I guess I am a little...
  7. Nita Thomas

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I found it is more often funny as opposed to humiliating. Got a few stories where I thought they said and nope it was this... that resulted in some funny events/conversations. Humor always opens doors.
  8. Nita Thomas

    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    I had no idea that there was such a device as a Pocket Talker. I think that will help me too. Glad you mentioned it.
  9. Nita Thomas

    How to get involved with the Deaf community?

    To find groups of HoH and Deaf people, do a few different things. Ask you audiologist. Check with the public schools in your area- those speech teachers may know of groups. Also check with your local municipal government -- city clerk etc, Then consider asking the local senior centers if they...
  10. Nita Thomas

    How to get involved with the Deaf community?

    So true. I didn't get to learn ASL till I went to college as an adult in my 30's.
  11. Nita Thomas

    HoH new here

    I do think being HoH is sometimes harder because we don't completely fit in with either group. However, you really do need to learn ASL and seek a community of deaf people to do things with, ask you audiologist for suggestions. Sometimes schools have groups of deaf and HoH that meet together...
  12. Nita Thomas

    Painful hardshell mold

    and I hate the soft shell molds, must happier with the hardshell ones. So to each their own, I guess. The soft shell would fit too snuggly for my comfort. The hard shell, I had air holes in them so they were much more comfortable. Now I have ear buds in my ears and it's taking a while to get...
  13. Nita Thomas

    Let’s help each other please

    A lack of respect for all people and the idea that deafness needs to be cured. I am comfortable in my own skin, so why change it. Actually I do use HA's but I like to put them away once I am back home alone. I just don't understand why people think if we are deaf we are not normal. Excuse...
  14. Nita Thomas

    Old member here

    Welcome back, There's always new people coming onboard and new conversations, some of which could use your input since you are a Deaf ed teacher.
  15. Nita Thomas

    need a text-to-speech app for cell phone.

    In Michigan There is an organization that provides free texting for HoH and Deaf for landline phones, but they are still working on it for cell phones. You could check with the HoH and Deaf services in your area for recommendations for you needs.
  16. Nita Thomas

    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    You should ask in your area or through fb who their audiologists are and go see one. They can and will help direct you to a good dealer for your needs if they don't carry their own aids. As for feeling isolated, yeah that happens, but it does pass to a degree. It is frustrating asking people...
  17. Nita Thomas

    Picking a new hearing aid

    That's what I got now, too. I really am much happier with it. Just have the ongoing problem of sometimes feeling like my ear canal is stuffed up or it will feel itchy. When that happens I pull it partly out to let some air in. Glad it is not an always problem, but the sometimes really...
  18. Nita Thomas

    Hello There!

    Welcome, I am sure there are a lot of young people who will enjoy chatting with you. Check the threads for different topics, too. I am a senior citizen - grandma age.
  19. Nita Thomas


    As an HoH person, I rely a lot on the actions to match the wordage, facial expressions and other things. I deem a movie a talkie or one I can view and enjoy. Talkies are harder because they may not face the camera for all the sounds that are really needed.
  20. Nita Thomas

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I haven't been embarrassed but I have been intimidated so I haven't tried for careers I could have done, just because I lacked the confidence that was needed since both were professions - nurses and medical assisting, seemed to rely on hearing abilities. I don't think my lip reading skills are...