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  1. chuck2975

    Newbie palm springs

    So... I haven't been around much lately. I'm usually the guy at the party that will make sure its a safe place by holding up the wall. With that said - I don't have a lot of friends or much of a social life. I'm 53 - hey that is young in Palm Springs! I work out at World Gym. I don't go...
  2. chuck2975

    Palm springs

    I've recently relocated to the Palm Springs area. Wondering if there is a larger gay / deaf population? Left ear- deaf Right ear profound - get by barly with aid and still learing sign. Wondering who else is out there?? Chuck
  3. chuck2975

    New Direction... Looking for advice.

    Hello Everybody. I'm in the process of moving to Palm Springs, CA. This is like a dream to me. But I'm a little worried and looking for thoughts/advice. First a little background of me. Im in my 40s and have worn a hearing aid all of my life. I am totally deaf in my left ear. Severe to...
  4. chuck2975

    Hearing Aid - Cell phone

    Hi everybody - I got a question about cell phones. I just got a Sprint Moment and I can hear fine on it in the Tcoil but I can't hear myself talk. I wear a Naida H.A. Thus...Im literally shouting into the phone - even though I cant hear myself. I used to have a Sprint Rumor and it...
  5. chuck2975

    Online - ASL / Sign training

    Does anyone know of somewhere online that I could go to learn ASL / sign? books just don't do it! Thanks!
  6. chuck2975

    Naida H.A.

    Im going to get a Naida (Phonak) h.a. It comes in next week. I'd like to know exactly how water resistant it really is. Im told I can get caught in the rain...but not take a shower. I can sweat but not go swimming. Has anyone had any luck with this brand? My old phonak broke down after only...
  7. chuck2975

    Columbus, Ohio

    Any men in Columbus Ohio.... ? GWM 40, Looking to meet other guys here in Columbus.... Hell... Id be happy to meet any guys anywhere! ;)
  8. chuck2975

    Hi From Columbus, Ohio

    Hi all... I guess I'm the one who is trapped in the middle. I am deaf in my left ear and profoundly deaf in my right. I wear a H.A. and get by with hearing. Hearing people seem to dislike me because I can't always hear them and groups are not a good thing. Deaf people don't want to waste...