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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    And that's what the OP is looking for. I don't agree with everything HLAA "promotes", but it is a good place to find others with hearing loss. YOU are always promoting a full toolbox, but yet you always put down one of the ways people with hearing loss can get support - from others with...
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    ^^ She’s always putting down HLAA. I suggest you find out for yourself if HLAA is right for you. I suggested it because it’s a large organization with chapters all over the country and members with all degrees of hearing loss, I believe.
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    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    However, there are people, young & old, who will abuse the system, so you can’t say everyone who uses the handicap spaces are legit. I agree that we should not judge others because we do not know why they may need a handicap placard/license plate.
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    You should contact your state's vocational rehabilitation office to see if they'll help with getting hearing aids. When my daughter was in college she was able to get help through our voc rehab.
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    New to Hearing Loss

    Maybe carry a notepad & pen and ask sales clerks to write down things you can’t comprehend. Be upfront with your hearing loss. Tell them it occurred recently and you’re still adjusting.
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    New to Hearing Loss

    See if there's a HLAA chapter near you (Hearing Loss Association of America).
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    New to Hearing Loss

    Some, but not all, audiologist are just trying up sell hearing aids. Do you feel like the Audi you went to was more interested in you or in making a sale? Was it indeed an audiologist, did s/he have a medical degree? Some people who sell heating aids are hearing aid specialist. I personally...
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    Cochlear Implant Pain That Isn't Normal..?

    I agree that the magnet could be too strong. I also suggest you contact your surgeon about this in case there's another cause.
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    Person Below Me

    Guess :lol: TPBM: same question
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    Mad Jeopardy!

    Where @femme Fatale will lock up @Calvin for giving out all her secrets Hard Boiled Eggs
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    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    I doubt those kinds of drivers are thinking about your hearing or even about you. They're only interested in themselves when they drive like that.
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    Hi all from LinuxGold

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    What Are You Eating For Snacks?

    Just poured some mini's into a container to take to work. Meanwhile I've been munching on Pecan Sandies.
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I don't. I'm not embarrassed by things I don't have control over. But that's me.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    You do realize those breakfasts are for low income people who might not otherwise have breakfast (or lunch or dinner). I hope you don't plan to abuse this.
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    Person Below Me

    I used to do that. As I recall it was usually during a nap. It may have been during my postpartum depression. It was over 20 years ago.
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    Trains and Vibrations... Sober people trespass on tracks all the time and some of them pay for the error with their lives.