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    Hearing Aids

    Well I feel that having hearing aids help to a degree and there are some pros and cons about them. pros Hearing Aids are like our versions of glasses. Hearing aids are far more expensive than glasses, but worth it if you really need it. Sometimes they can be amazing devices to use to "help" us...
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    Hearing Community

    Hello all I finished college in RIT and I loved it. It was an almost perfect fusion of both deaf and hearing cultures into one college setting where understanding was not lacking, however I moved back to my hometown in Tulsa around end of july/ beginning of Aug. I been in Rochester since 2007...
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    hi my name is Jesse Naumann I am hard of hearing. I just felt like joining an online deaf fourm to communicate with other deaf/HOH people simply because I have very rare interaction with the deaf community in my very own hometown Tulsa. This is simply due to the fact that my work hours most of...