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    Deaf and Disabled in Politics

    New Zealand had a Deaf mp
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    anyone need babysitter with deaf kids

    you were in jrc? did u ever the ged
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    Translating asl gestures to text

    it will be awesome
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    Looking for new ear molds? are ear molds being phased out?

    here is 1 company
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    No asl for deaf baby?

    Heres an example of cued speech audio verbal therapy is torture(says a short after birth brain injured(cerebral palsy) adult who relies on speech and listening every day)
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    Need to vent!

    Some people mainly those implanted as young children/babies are choosing them removed. There is a cost involved and dont think insurance/the state covers it
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    No asl for deaf baby?

    What about something like my issue with CS is the CSs push as an complete lanauage that can be used in place of sign language or as the...
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    Need to vent!

    No I am an author with multiple disabilities
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    Need to vent!

    Yep I know that. What I meant was has this parent thought about putting the kid though another surgery as she is worried about long efforts as this would be the only way to limit them.
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    Need to vent!

    can you remove the implant itself so to limit the long term efforts
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    No asl for deaf baby?

    Please lay a complaint with the hospital so he doesnt do it
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    Bone bridge?

    I don't see the benefits over a baha
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    Hearing parents with deaf child

    When it comes to sport you need to check with CI team as to whats safe. I recommend the coach using her FM so she can hear the instructions clearer.
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    Has anyone ever struggled working in groups?

    Yep I love presenting thou
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    No asl for deaf baby?

    Your ENT is wrong. Teaching sign language is no different from say teaching french. Young children(Deaf or hearing) do well with 2 or more languages.
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    Bone bridge?

    Are you wanting a CI? If so I would I would save your money and get 1 without spending money on the bone bridge
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    Diversity toys

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    Medical model and cochlears

    Having both cerebral palsy and Deafblindness I find parents are way to quick to implant and most times the kid is going to need visual language anyway so why not sifn
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    Are Smartlink +s still available from an audiologist

    I know they have been superseded but are they available from an audiologist