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    Welcome!!!!! I love muscials too!
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    Welcome! Sorry, it's been dead here!!!!
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    Does Gallaudet have a pre-medical program?

    One thing. Social emotional development is really important with getting a job. So attending Gally could give you an edge in that area.
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    Obligatory Intro

    Welcome back!!!
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    hearing aids not accepted in the Deaf community 20 years ago?!?!?

    Yeah but I meant as a hivemind mentality. i know there were SOME people who were anti HA, but overall the HA has been pretty much accepted in the Deaf community. 30-35 years ago I could see that. Maybe even as long as 40 years ago, b/c that was the edge of when HAs were introduced...
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    hearing aids not accepted in the Deaf community 20 years ago?!?!?

    And this is why I advocate for deaf kids. A "new to the community" parent of a deaf kid, was told by someone who is on the extreme side of things, that the Deaf community was rabidly anti hearing aids TWENTY years ago?!?!? I know there was still some rabidly anti HA sentiment as recently as the...
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    Why do some people do not make replies to your posts?

    Most people have migrated over to FB
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    Anyone interested in True Crimes?

    Yes the movie......regarding the cold cases. My friend said she got her DNA tests, and I go " So which serial killer are you?"
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    Anyone interested in True Crimes?

    I'm very interested in pschatrity yes.... Just saw an episode about Jodi Arais.... man that case was messed up. Most serial killers tend to be convinced that they're "cleaning up society", like they'll kill sex workers. There's also the violent ones like the BTK and the one that just got caught...
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    Anyone interested in True Crimes?

    Got sucked into a channel that had a bit on Manson and Dahmer. Many of my books are true crime....
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    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    BTW, reading through this. I think that ANYONE who thinks that an oral exclusive approach will magically restore a child to "normal" society NEEDS to read this. I keep thinking about certain people who are still so convinced that the social aspect of being dhh doesn't exist any more......I hope...
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    Deaf ministry?

    Please stop it with the fundamentalist and Jehovah's Witnesses ministries trying to recruit Deaf people. I have no beef with ministries specificly for JW and fundies who are already following that belief. Would love to see ministries specificly towards hearing parents of dhh kids to get them...
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    hello love to all

    Contact your state's School for the Deaf. Maybe you could even relocate to one of the good Deaf Schools. Join Good luck!
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    how useful are hearing aids?

    Start out with BTEs. They have the most power. Nobody can tell you what hearing aid is best b/c response is so indivdual. Trial a ton of them! See what works best for you
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    Woke up not being able to hear 5 days ago

    CIs could be an option!
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    New here

    Ah, here we are! There are a couple of Deaf Christian Family Camps and Aspen Camp in Colarado has a Family Camp!
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    New here

    No. There's a national list.
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    New here

    Its not about lipreading. Its about exposure to ASL and deaf culture
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    New here

    Rosecottage, can you post links to the Deaf camps at least? I don't have the ability to post links right now.