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    First Deaf Woman Mayor in USA

    Link is broken.
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    I’m wondering how Bottesini is doing in heaven
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    Show Us Your Car(s)

    3 years old now, running like a brand new
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I’m thinking about what if this is good opportunity for Alex to sell AllDeaf to make some profit before this forum goes to e-grave?
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    35yrs old male in Palm Coast, Florida seeking....

    St Augustine have a lot of deaf people live in there. Maybe relocating there?
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    Time spent on AD?

    Once per month
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    Just found out today....

    BAN SeanB
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    You demisexual, I am brucewillisexual.
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    Car goes airborne, slams into 2nd floor office.

    someone is mad that medicare do not cover his dentures
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    Hey I am back-

    Nope. Bottesini is in heaven and still participating alldeaf.god
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    Hi from Wa

    Not yet. Today is 2017. Too much catnip make you crazy and thinking today is 2018?
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    New... And not hearing impaired. At least not yet.

    Is it warm up there? lol I've seen news about huge snowfall up there. Here San Francisco is nice and cool....and I see plenty of green grass here.
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    New... And not hearing impaired. At least not yet.

    :welcome: where are you from?
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    ASL Students

    speak with deaf people? :confused:
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    Hello, New Writer Here

    Hi. Why did you feel that it is important for us to know about your sexual preference in your first introduction?
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    Health tips

    you forgot sex? just kidding
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    Welcome to alldeaf!