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    deaf wiki hearing or a deaf person wrote this? or a hearing person who have knowledge n have study:hmm: of a deaf culture wrote this?
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    deaf I love you sign language shirt

    You know with the rose in 90's? I am trying to find one. Anyone can help me to find one or post a picture of it.
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    How to post a picture or a gif

    That showing up on here? That stuff is fun.
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    Are you going to accept your frustrated till you get a heart attack?

    Whatever any reason if a person who are deaf like myself. When they say something and you dont hear it or at the blind spot whatever you dont see anything when someone say something be hide when someone trying talk to you and then they start having a bad attitude like they gonna be like "that...
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    What's your fav color and why?

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    What's sign language for cheesy??
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    unknow sign language

    What's sign for "Ordinary" ?
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    What does deaf mean to you

    I want to see all different deaf's opinionation in their point of view :)
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    3D animation artist

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    3D animation artist

    Any of you are a 3D animation?
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    Deaf Movie

    The best movie I ever know, Best film and director The Tribe -New- 2015 MR Holland's Opus 1995
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    Hot soup and a Hot weather

    I am eating a hot soup and it's so hot here in L.A.. bad idea .
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    Is anybody alive? :cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2: it's 4:18am here....:eek3:
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    3D and a programmer

    Hello I am looking for a deaf who into 3D animation and a programmer :wave: