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    Does anyone who has experience Cyber-security?

    Cyber-Security is one of the hottest job position which require security protection from malicious attacks. This involved protecting servers, internets, mobile systems and Wifi. I don't have much experience with NGFW (New Generation Firewall), but lot of experience in Firewall. As for example...
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    Suggestions for best mic for Live Transcribe

    As far as Church goes, yes I'm aware of no background noise... The solution is to have wireless mic that connect to the sound system and have a person pass the mic around. That should help both you and the older people who could not hear from the people speaks in the congregation. The only worry...
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    Suggestions for best mic for Live Transcribe

    Having Transcribe or other means of assessable conversation apps (like Ava etc...), it's very hard to control all the background noise. As you know that background noise is louder than the person talk. Meaning that you have to hold your wired mic real close to the mouth. The bluetooth Pod do not...
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    I just got my first pair of hearing aids

    Curious, you wear ear mold(s) or just dome style inner ear mold(s) and what company is your HA?
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    Can't believe this place is dying....

    SR, got any idea or feedback about improving this site? any wish list?
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    Can't believe this place is dying....

    I know it's hard to see that way.... remember back in the day where many deaf people hang out in deaf clubs... having beers, ability to hugs, warm facial expression etc.... and then the internet born. Deaf clubs turning into cobweb..... Website booming and MySpace, Facebook, AllDeaf, DeafVideo...
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    Samsung Galaxy S10 plus vs iPhone XS Max

    iPhone 11 Pro!!
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    Alert systems that work in power outages?

    The solution is to get UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply ) and yes it cost anywhere between $50 to $150 depending on how long the battery supply. Normally you can get very low 450VA power for $50 and can last about 2 to 4 hours. Since you are using only clock (with vibrator) and lights draw very...
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    Captioned Theatre

    So you saying that there's no place to hang the large format TV screen? As example below and you can hire Captel Service Specialists llc that will give live captioning.
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    Action Alert! Improve the Quality of Live Captions on TV—Your Comments Needed by September 13!

    Tell me something, what is your experience with CC? Is it perfect!!??
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    Action Alert! Improve the Quality of Live Captions on TV—Your Comments Needed by September 13!

    Hi Guys!! Thought I share this with you all. Some of you may already have this information but I encourage everyone to send a comments about the quality of the CC. To me, the quality of CC is really bad. Every single channel always something different. So, please send a comments!! Thanks!! If...
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    Never have i ever ....

    Okaaaay…. I have never done..... Fake nails dyed my hair had braces ran a marathon 4 pts
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    Best way to feel music

    That is the best way to feel the music......
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    Amazon Delivery employees

    Thanks Calvin, I just learn more about this person. The reason she asked for GPS is because she now got a job at Amazon and she have mobile phone but no data plan. She couldn't afford it at the moment. So She need GPS to find nearest free wifi location like Starbucks or whatever and use her...
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    you might want to look into Nest Secure, it's more of DIY installations. Since Nest join Google and they have wide array of Assistive systems. So, if you are using Nest Secure, the Google Assistive support Phillips Hue. If alarm goes off, the Phillips Hue will flashed. What I have is Nest Smoke...
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    Amazon Delivery employees

    Hi Guys! Anyone who work for Amazon that deliver packages and use Amazon truck or van, I'm curious does Amazon truck provide GPS or built in GPS?? Someone asked me if I have any GPS that I no longer use and she need one? I'm puzzled about it.
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    Passed the Comptia A+ 901 and 902!!!

    Congrat Zeroblazer! As message for onecogmind, Zeroblazer will need A+, Network+ and Security+ because many of the job opening position will ask for a requirements... if that person have certifications will have higher chance to get in the job. I see it very frequent asking for this...
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    FIOS One voice command

    I thought I share this funny thing happening days ago. As you may seen it all on TV commercial about how new Xfinity Voice command that you can say thing what you need to look for.... So I thought I test it myself to see if it can pick my deaf voice!! You know when you say something and you...
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    CC woes....

    Over the years when you was watching TV and sometime you saw CC delayed, or missing captions or no captions at all and the biggest enemy is caption showing "TEST TEST TEST" and THAT drive me crazy. You know how difficult to pin point where the CC problem coming from? You know it can be coming...
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    Anti- virus

    LOL, you use Malware? I'll be happy to give you more malware!!!! J/K... you meant Malwarebytes?